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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 Cheats "Easy points hints" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Easy points hints

  • To get ten points a minute, go to training mode, select a character and opponent, and leave the game on for about five hours. Note: Do not pause the game. Then, plug in a second controller, go to options, change the time to 30 seconds, and turn up the damage. Go to versus mode, turn the handicap down on controller two, and fight. You will receive 100 points for each match.
  • To get easy points in arcade mode, fight up to Abyss on any difficulty on high damage--the best difficulty setting is recommended. Once at Abyss, purposely die multiple times. Continue, then die again. Doing this willl get you 100 points every time a continue is used. When you finally choose to defeat Abyss, you will also get 50 points times the difficulty setting.
  • On the options screen, select"Game Option" and set your difficulty bar high, choose the Turbo 2 speed, and have unlimited time. Also put the damage bar on high. Go to arcade mode and select any character with Cable (for example, War Machine, B.B. Hood, and Cable). When you start at the first stage, make sure Cable's out first. Keep shooting with the pistol until your third opponent's life bar is half full. At this time your level gauge should be past 3. Use it at the correct moment to see more than 80 hit(s), plus the Perfect. You now have more than 300,000,000 points. Repeat this for the rest of the game .When you get to Abyss, be sure not to have him defeat one of your characters. Just keep shooting Cable's pistol until you get to his last form. On his final form, when Abyss shows up again, make sure your level gauge is at 3 or more to blast away.
  • Start an arcade mode game with the damage on very high and have player two interrupt your game. Defeat the second player quickly--in aroundeighteen seconds. Repeatedly interrup. Each time you get interrupted and win, it is just as if you had the match for that stage, and you will get that many points. For example, if you get ten wins and quit, you should get about 2,500 points. If you get ten wins and complete the game, you will get about 6,000 points. Repeat this until you have as many points as desired.
  • Select Cable, War Machine, and Iron Man (in that order). When your point bar gets to the maximum, make them use their combo to defeat almost any opponent in one move.

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