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Mega Man 10 Cheats "Unlockable Challenges" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  Wii


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Unlockable Challenges

Unlock the following challenges in Challenge mode by performing the corresponding tasks in Story mode:
Blade E Reach Blade Man under Easy difficulty. 
Blade H Reach Blade Man under Hard difficulty. 
Blade N Reach Blade Man under Normal difficulty. 
Block Devil E Reach Block Devil under Easy difficulty. 
Block Devil H Reach Block Devil under Hard difficulty. 
Block Devil N Reach Block Devil under Normal difficulty. 
Chill E Reach Chill Man under Easy difficulty. 
Chill H Reach Chill Man under Hard difficulty. 
Chill N Reach Chill Man under Normal difficulty. 
Commando E Reach Commando Man under Easy difficulty. 
Commando H Reach Commando Man under Hard difficulty. 
Commando N Reach Commando Man under Normal difficulty. 
Crab Puncher E Reach Crab Puncher under Easy difficulty. 
Crab Puncher H Reach Crab Puncher under Hard difficulty. 
Crab Puncher N Reach Crab Puncher under Normal difficulty. 
Nitro E Reach Nitro Man under Easy difficulty. 
Nitro H Reach Nitro Man under Hard difficulty. 
Nitro N Reach Nitro Man under Normal difficulty. 
Octobulb H Reach Octobulb (Sheep Man stage) under Hard difficulty. 
Pump E Reach Pump Man under Easy difficulty. 
Pump H Reach Pump Man under Hard difficulty. 
Pump N Reach Pump Man under Normal difficulty. 
Sheep E Reach Sheep Man under Easy difficulty. 
Sheep H Reach Sheep Man under Hard difficulty. 
Sheep N Reach Sheep Man under Normal difficulty. 
Solar E Reach Solar Man under Easy difficulty. 
Solar H Reach Solar Man under Hard difficulty. 
Solar N Reach Solar Man under Normal difficulty. 
Strike E Reach Strike Man under Easy difficulty. 
Strike H Reach Strike Man under Hard difficulty. 
Strike N Reach Strike Man under Normal difficulty. 
Suzak and Fenix H Reach Suzak and Fenix (Solar Man Stage) under Hard difficulty. 
The Keeper H Reach The Keeper Man (Strike Man Stage) under Hard difficulty. 
TriCastle H Reach TriCastle (Blade Man Stage) under Hard difficulty. 
W Archive E Reach the first Wily Archive under Easy difficulty. 
W Archive H Reach the first Wily Archive under Hard difficulty. 
W Archive N Reach the first Wily Archive under Normal difficulty. 
Wily Capsule E Reach Wily Capsule under Easy difficulty. 
Wily Capsule H Reach Wily Capsule under Hard difficulty. 
Wily Capsule N Reach Wily Capsule under Normal difficulty. 
Wily Machine E Reach Wily Machine under Easy difficulty. 
Wily Machine H Reach Wily Machine under Hard difficulty. 
Wily Machine N Reach Wily Machine under Normal difficulty.

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