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Metal Gear Online Cheats "Online Ranks" (PS3)


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Online Ranks

Get the following rankings to appear next to your name by performing the corresponding tasks:
Bear Have a large amount of CQC attacks given.
Bee Uses lots of scans.
Chameleon Prefer team sneaking rules. 
Chicken Rarely participate in battle. 
Crocodile Very good kill death ratio.
Doberman A top-class soldier.
Dove Perform a lot of non-lethal attacks. 
Eagle Large percents of headshots.
Flying Squirrel Have a high percentage of rolling.
Fox The best of the best.
Foxhound A living legend. 
GA-KO Prefer rescue rules.
Grasshopper Crawl the majority of the time.
Hound A superior soldier. 
Jaws Large amount of knife kills.
Kerotan Prefers capture rules.
Night Owl Use the ENVG a lot.
Pigeon Perfers non lethal attacks.
Rat Falls for a lot of traps.
Sloth Gets shot in the head a lot.
Snake Perfers sneaking missions.
Tarantula Have a lot of team kills.
Tsuchinoko Rarely play. 
Turtle Use the cardboard box a lot.
Water Bear Have a high survival rate.

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