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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Cheats "Audio flashbacks" (PS3)


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Audio flashbacks

Experience the following audio flashbacks. Some of them will earn you 1,000 Drebin Points:

  • Return to the crashed Hind chopper after the Crying Wolf fight (flashback of Liquid Snake being shot down).
  • Find the crop circle near the river while tracking Naomi (flashback of the Colonel acting strangely in Metal Gear Solid 2).
  • Shadow Moses, near the elevator (flashback of Infiltration speech).
  • The middle of the helipad (flashback of Hind D speech).
  • The small shack to the West of the area (flashback of "A surveillance camera?!").
  • Enter through either of the vents instead of the door (flashback Master Miller's introduction).
  • Stand near the tank hangar's door (flashback of Meryl's "Where I can see you" speech).
  • Stand in the decontamination room before the hallway to Otacon's office (flashback of Cyborg Ninja fighting Genome Soldiers).
  • Inside Otacon's lab (flashback of Grey Fox's introduction).
  • Stand in the filled-in trench leading up to the Comm Towers (flashback of Meryl telling Snake to continue without her).
  • Climb as far as you can up the Comm Tower nearest where you enter and walk around (flashback of beginning of the Hind confrontation).
  • Find the Hind (flashback of the end of the Hind confrontation).
  • In front of the other Comm Tower, facing the exit (flashback of Otacon's "What are you fighting for?" speech).
  • Stand near the door leading back to the room where you fought Vulcan Raven (flashback of Raven's final speech).
  • Aim the Mk.23 SOCOM while at Shadow Moses (Snake will say "Just like old times").
  • Move the camera view directly overhead and move around (Snake will say "Just like old times").

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