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Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Cheats "Posing Beauties" (PS3)


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Posing Beauties

While fighting in a Boss battle (exclude Vamp and Liquid Ocelot, only the Beauties), complete the first Boss phase (Beast form). After that, they will come out of their protective suit and try to grapple you. If you run around long enough and prolong the time (usually about five to ten minutes), the screen will fade and you will enter a white area all alone with the Beauty. Note: A timer will appear at the top of the screen and she will attempt to grapple again. Just equip the camera and aim it at her and she will pose for you. Click the camera on and off to get various poses. Eventually the timer will run out (3:00) and the Beauty will die. This works well when you want a new background for your PlayStation3, as the game allows you to take in-game photos and send them to your homepage.

-After defeating any of the four female Bosses, there is a second round where they walk towards you while trying to grab Snake. During this phase, run from them for three minutes and the screen around you and the Boss will turn white. Take out the digital camera you acquired from the mission briefings. The Boss will stop chasing you and do sexy poses for your camera.

-Play the "Oishii ChuhanSeikatsu" Japanese pop song on your iPod while fighting a Beauty and she will start dancing. If you aim a camera at her, she will pose.

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