MLB 08: The Show PS3 Cheats

Rating 3

Cheap free agents

During the free agent signing period in Franchise mode, you can offer a relatively low salary to any free agent. If they have no offers besides yours at the end of the signing period, they will sign with you.

Rating 2

All Golden and Silver era players

To unlock all Golden and Silver era players, at the main menu press L1, L2, square(x2), triangle, circle, down.

Rating 2

Cheap wins

When you hit a ball into the ground or fly out, pause game play. Enter the "Controller Select" screen then choose the other team. Make them throw the ball to the wrong base or miss the fly ball.

Rating 2

Easy base stealing hint

If you have a fast base runner such as Jacoby Ellsbury, Chone Figgins, Ichrio, etc., steal most of the time to second or third with speed all the way up. Have a decenthitter at the plate to score easy runs.

Rating 1

All Classic stadiums

To unlock all Classic stadiums, at the main menu press down, right, circle, square, left, triangle, up, L1. This works in Exhibition mode.

Rating 1

Easy saves hint

Put your in closer at the startof the seventh inning and pitch him the rest of the game.

Rating 1

Easy Training points

Earn 5 points in 'Road To The Show' mode by catching an infield pop-up as a pitcher.

Rating 0

Stealing home

This trick will work for almost any created players with pretty low speed in Road To The Show mode. When on third base, take as many steps as you can off the bag. As soon as you see the "Step Back" button flash yellow repeatedly, tap R1. This will cause your player to bolt for home plate. Continue to tap R1. Because you are already three steps off the base by the time the third baseman throws it to home, you will already be safe. This works about 90% of the time, and you will not even have to dive.