Mortal Kombat II PS3 Cheats

Rating 3

Fight Jade

To fight Jade at Goro's lair, at the match right before the '?' on the match chart, win one of the rounds using only low kicks and the d-pad.

Rating 2

Play pong

To play pong, play until you reach the 250th battle. You'll receive a message that you are entering another dimension. Earn 7 points to continue the game.

Rating 2

Fight Smoke

To fight Smoke at Goro's lair, play a match at 'The Portal Stage'. When you see Dan Forden appear at the bottom of the screen and yell "Toasty!", hold DOWN + START.

Rating 2

Random character selection

To randomly choosecharacters, have player one highlight Liu Kang and have player two highlight Reptile. Then press START+UP.

Rating 2

Disable throwing

To disable throwing when you are playing against a human opponent, hold D+HP on both controllers.

Rating 2

Make opponent slide off the spikes

To make your opponent slide off the spikes, while playing at the 'Kombat Tomb', finish your opponent using your character's fatality move. When the music starts, hold DOWN on both player 1 and player 2's controllers.

Rating 1

Dan Forden says Oh Wow! easter egg

To hear Dan Forden say "Oh Wow!", perform a stage fatality on 'The Dead Pool Stage', then hold Down + Block.

Rating 1

Fight Noob Saibot

To fight Noob Saibot at Goro's Lair, win 50 matches in a row in Two-player mode.

Rating 1

Display top fifteen players

Press Down during attract mode.