MX vs. ATV Untamed PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Easy store points

Complete single-player Nationals and earn the Mils Mesas environment or earn enough points to buy it. After receiving this map, exit the mode that you are in and go to single player. Select the custom event option then go to "Nationals". Select the Mils Mesas track. Set the play mode to "Single Play", laps to "10", and number of opponents to "0". The MX superclass vehicle is recommended, but you can use an ATV or normal MX. Begin the race and do not worry about time or anything else. Just do as many tricks as possible. Try Dingo Backflips+ and 360+ for quick points. You can get about 700,000 score points and 350,000 store points.

Rating 0


Perform the following moves by pressing the corresponding sequences of buttons:

360 R1, left, right.
9 O'Clock Indian Air triangle, up.
9 O'Clock Nac triangle, right.
Backflip R1, up, down.
Can Can triangle, down.
Disco Can triangle, left.
Double Can circle, up.
Double Grab circle, right.
Heart Attack circle, down.
Heel Clicker circle, left.
Indian Air R1 + triangle, up.
Ninja Nac R1 + triangle, right.
No Footer R1 + triangle, down.
No Footer circle, left.
No Handed Disco Can R1 + triangle, left.
No Hander triangle, up.
Nothing R1 + circle, up .
Pendulum R1 + circle, right.
Rigomortis R1 + circle, down.
Rock Solid R1 + triangle, circle, left.
Rodeo R1 + circle, left.
Ruler triangle, circle, up.
Saran Wrap triangle, circle, right.
Shaolin triangle, circle, down.
Side Saddle triangle, down.
Side Saddle triangle, left.
Side Saddle triangle, right.
Sterilizer circle, right.
Sterilizer circle, up.
Stripper triangle, circle, left.
Super Can R1 + triangle, circle, up.
Super Seat Grab R1 + triangle, circle, down.
Superman R1 + triangle, circle, right.
Taunt circle, down.

Rating 0

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Options" > "Cheat Codes":

Additional Graphics "STICKERS"
All Fox Racing Gear "CRAZYLIKEA"
All Handlebars "NOHANDS"
Unlock Everything "YOUGOTIT"