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Namco Museum Essentials Cheats "Trophies" (PS3)


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Trophy How To Unlock
Pac-Man Rookie

Get four Pac-Man stamps.
Galaga Rookie

Get four Galaga stamps.
Dig Dug Rookie

Get four Dig Dug stamps.
Xevious Rookie

Get four Xevious stamps.
Dragon Spirit Rookie

Get four Dragon Spirit stamps.
Pac-Man Veteran

Get all Pac-Man stamps.
Galaga Veteran

Get all Galaga stamps.
Dig Dug Veteran

Get all Dig Dug stamps.
Xevious Veteran

Get all Xevious stamps.
Dragon Spirit Veteran

Get all Dragon Spirit stamps.
Xevious Resurrection Veteran

Get all Xevious Resurrection stamps.

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