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Naughty Bear Cheats ""The Horrible Vampiricom" trophies" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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"The Horrible Vampiricom" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
Tough as a coffin nail

Complete the tenth Episode.
The secret ingredient, is love

Ironic Kill: In Episode 10, Punish Stardust with the Factory mixing machine.
I thought you said 'Steak'!

Secret Mission: In Episode 10, destroy the Vampiricorn 3 times using the BBQ.
Sun Immunity

Costume Shenanigan: In Episode 10, kill Sunbeam with the Vampiricorn costume by the vampire Claw Ultra Kill.
Don't go out in sunlight dummy!

In Episode 10, get killed by Sunbeam when playing the Vampiricorn.
Pact with the Devil!

Finish a 4 players Vampiricorn Match with all your lives.
Dancing King!

Finish a 4 players Dancing King Match with more than a minute over your opponents.
Big pile o' fluff!

Finish first in a 4 players Defluffication Match with a kill limit of 100.
Too close!

Finish a 4 players Left 4 Ted Match by being the last survivor standing.
Gold Lust

Got Gold Naughty Cups in Episode 10 and all of its Challenges. Yes, even the Top Hat Challenge!

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