NBA 2K7 PS3 Cheats

Rating 5

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Main Menu" > "Features" > "Codes":

2007 All-Star Ball "ply8mia"
2007 All-Star Uniforms "syt6cii"
ABA Ball "payrespect"
Bobcats Alternate Jersey "bcb8sta"
Defensive Awareness(+10) "getstops"
International All-Star Team "tns9roi"
Jazz Alternate Jersey "zjb3lau"
Maximum Durability for One Game "ironman"
NBA 2k Team "bestsim"
Nets Alternate Jersey "nrd4esj"
New Orleans Hornets Valentines Day Jersey "vdr5lya"
Offensive Awareness(+10) "inthezone"
St. Patricks Day Uniforms(Knicks, Bulls, Celtics) "tpk7sgn"
Superstar Team "rta1spe"
Topps 2K Sports All-Stars "topps2ksports"
Unlimited Stamina for One Game "norest"
Wizards Alternate Jersey "zw9idla"

Rating 3

Recommended team

  • The Seattle Supersonics are probably the best team in the game. They have three players who can all drain the 3 pointer: Rashard Lewis, Ray Allen, and Luke Ridnour. It is possible to take about 45 to 50 threes on average per game with them. Note: Ignore the bad rating on the main menu.

  • The easiest way to have a successful season is to play as the Rockets and trade a player under 70 overall for Gilbert Arenas. Then, trade a player under 80 overall for Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade. Next, go into your line up and make sure it is as follows:

Yao Ming (C)
Mutumbo (PF)
Tracy McGrady (SF)
Kobe Bryant or Dwyane Wade (SG)
Gilbert Arenas (PG).

This creates an excellent rebounding team with the double center setup, as well as a great three pointer team with Bryant or Wade and Arenas. It also sets up a good driving team with Bryant or Wade, Arenas and McGrady.

  • Select the Phoenix Suns as they have Nash, Bell, and Barbosa, which have a 89 3 Point rating, making possible to make plenty of three pointers with them.

Rating 1

Complete Crib objectives easier

Create a player as a center and max out his height and attributes. Then, place him on the Pistons, go to the "Game Sliders" menu, and lower the CPU Sliders to "0" for all sliders for every category. Also, max out all your sliders (for all categories), then go to your Crib and see which objectives need to be done. Play a game as the Pistons against the Heat (they are a slow, half court team). Use your created center and perform all of the objectives possible in a twelve minute quarter game. You will finish most of the objectives by the third or fourth game.

Rating 1

Magic Johnson bobblehead's eyes

Go to the bobbleheads in your crib. When you spin Magic Johnson watch his eyes, they will follow you where ever you go.