NBA Live 08 PS3 Cheats

Rating 4

Unlockable Adidas Sneakers

Unlock the following Adidas sneakers by entering the corresponding codes at "Main Menu" > "My NBA Live" > "NBA Codes":

Agent Zero "ADGILLIT6BE"
Customize "ADGILLIT5BD"
Duncan All-Star "FE454DFJCC"
Gil Wood "ADGILLIT1B9"
Gil Zero All-Star "23DN1PPOG4"
TS Lightswitch (Away) "ADGILLIT0B8"
TS Lightswitch (Home) "ADGILLIT2BA"

Rating 3


Perform the following players go-to-moves by performing the corresponding move while backing down your opponent:

Allen Iverson Lean and shoot.
Chris Bosh Fadeaway and shoot.
Chris Paul Lean and shoot. Alt
Dirk Nowitzki Fadeaway and shoot.
Dwayne Wade Fadeaway and shoot.
Elton Brand Fadeaway and shoot.
Gilbert Arenas Fadeaway and shoot.
Kobe Bryant Fadeaway and shoot.
Lebron James Fadeaway and shoot a three pointer.
Steve Nash Lean and shoot.
Tim Duncan Shoot a 45-degree angle bank shot.
Tony Parker Shoot a tear drop shot in the lane while leaning towards the basket.
Tracy McGrady Fadeaway and shoot.
Vince Carter Fadeaway and shoot.

Rating 1

Go-to-move videos

When you begin the game it will start in Practice mode. Press Start and go to the "Practice" settings to change your players. Change your player to any superstar. Go back to Practice mode to view a video of their go-to-move.

Rating 0

Richard Jefferson's go-to-move

Richard Jefferson does not have a video with his go-to-move. Post up from close to mid-range and do fade away. Hold R2 and press the Analog-stick BACK + CIRCLE (Shoot).

Rating 0

Chris Paul's second go-to-move

Chris Paul has a second go-to-move other than his run and throw up shot, which is almost the same go-to-move as Derron Williams. Do the same as you would with Derron's go-to-move by pressing the Analog-stick LEFT or RIGHT + CIRCLE (Shoot).

Rating 0

Kevin Durant's go-to-move

Kevin Durant has a go-to-move, but does not have a video for it. Press LEFT or RIGHT + shoot to do his dribble juke step go-to-move.