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NBA Street Homecourt Cheats "Increasing player's attributes" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Increasing player's attributes

Create a player in Homecourt mode, then save and exit. Go to the main menu and select "Play Now". Your player will appear on any team you choose, as long as your profile with that player is loaded. Choose any team and select your player and two other players. The other team can be any desired. Then, play the game out to 100 with no GameBreakers, focusing on the skill you wish to increase. At the end, win or lose, your player will still have an increase in attributes. Do this a couple times to maximize all stats, then go back into Homecourt mode. Play through until your baller levels up a few times then repeat. Once Homecourt mode is complete and your baller is at level 20, go back into "Play Now" mode and completely maximize all his stats.

2 years ago

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