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NCAA Football 08 Cheats "Drafting prospects in Dynasty mode" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Drafting prospects in Dynasty mode

  • When beginning the season, create a prospect and make sure to make his home state where your team is located. Then, speak with him on the phone about where he lives and the college being close. Most of the time, you will get a high ranking for that action.

  • During preseason in Dynasty mode, create a prospect that plays as a kicker or punter-- no matter what position you want to create. Make their hometown close to your campus and customize the player to be as good at another position as desired, then set their kick power and kick accuracy to 0. They will be in the prospect database as a one star recruit and will not usually even be offered a scholarship by other schools. Offer them a scholarship and they will usually commit instantly. For example, if you make a one star kicker that no team wants he will be ranked 99 as a QB.

  • Start a new dynasty. Before the first game of the season, select your best 35 recruits whether they are the most interested or highest caliber. After adding the recruits but before you play the first game, make sure that you save your dynasty. Begin at the top of your recruiting board with the first recruit and start trying to unlock different pitches. Spend as much time as desired on any recruit. When you run out of time, just go back and reload the dynasty from the "Dynasty Setup" menu. Each time you unlock a pitch in the "Very High" or "Most" category, write it down. After you have worked the full list, which can take awhile, go back to your dynasty and load it from the beginning. You now have a full list of correct pitches to make to your recruits. Note: Each recruit will only have one "Most" pitch and two "Very High" pitches. Always try to sway any pitch that is "High" to the "Very High" setting.

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