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Need for Speed Carbon Cheats "Recommended cars" (PS3)

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Recommended cars

  • Purchase a Dodge Viper and build it for top speed. Afterward, your Viper will top out at about 240 mph and, with nitrous, at 250 mph.

  • There are three classes of cars, each with their own characteristic that range from easy cornering to well-balanced road performance. You must master each car class in order to perform well:

Tuner cars
Their strongest point is handling, with decent acceleration but slower top speed. They consist of Japanese cars and mainstream European models.

Exotic cars
Their strongest point is their top speed, but also have decent acceleration and handling. Most of the cars in this class are from European companies.

Muscle cars
Their strongest points is acceleration and a decent top speed. However, their handling is poor and such cars are prone to sliding. Most cars are from United States companies.

  • When a Canyon Duel starts, select a muscle car (for example, the Corvetee ZO6). You will gain speed, but be careful on turns.

  • In Drift races, select a tuner car for better drifts. Pick the performance tires then set the meter to "Drift".

  • The Pagani Zonda is the best and most expensive car. You can make the car reach a speed of 270 mph and is best in speed, grip, and drag (apart from the Wheelie challenges). As an alternative for drift and drag, try a highly tuned RX-7 (if rear wheel drive).

  • The best tuner car to defeat Wolf TFK and Angie is the VW R32, which is unlocked after you defeat Kenji and is located in TFK's territory.

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