Need for Speed Undercover PS3 Cheats

Rating 5


Trophy How To Unlock
2 Birds, 1 Stone
Complete "double trouble".
5 Finger Discount
Complete all hot car missions. Active community member - participate in any community day.
Purchase or unlock 5 cars.
Among the Best
Win 25 ranked multiplayer events.
Apprentice Mechanic
Customize a car in career mode.
Bay Drive & Harbor
Dominate the bay drive & harbor event.
Bowling with Hector
Complete the hector sequence in the mission "kingpin".
Branching out
Unlock sunset hills in career mode.
Cat and Mouse Virus
Become infected with the cops n' robbers virus.
Chase or be Chased
Win all highway battles in career mode.
Community Member
Log into ea nation.
Crossing the Line
Win a ranked multiplayer cops n' robbers event.
East Fasulo Bridge
Dominate the east fasulo bridge event.
East I-5
Dominate the east I-5 event.
First of Many
Win a ranked multiplayer event against 7 human players.
Win a multiplayer ranked game.
Freeze! Hold it right there!
Upload a photo to needforspeed.com.
Get out of the way!
Avoid 5 road blocks in a pursuit and evade in career mode.
Gold Coast to Ocean
Dominate the gold coast to ocean event.
Hired Goons
Takeout all the "goons" in career mode.
Keys to the City
Unlock port crescent in career mode.
Learner"s Permit
Win your first car in career mode.
Lose the Eye in the Sky
Escape from a helicopter in a pursuit with a career level of at least 8.
Lose the Fuzz
Complete 5 pursuits.
Love thy Tires
Avoid 12 spike strips total in career pursuits.
Meet Carmen
Face off against carmen in "the game".
Meet Hector
Face off against hector in "versus".
Meet Nickel
Face off against nickel in "road rage".
Meet Rose
Face off against rose in "rollercoaster".
Meet Zack
Face off against zack in "rush hour".
Nickel and Dimes
Complete the nickel sequence in "payback".
North River Expressway
Dominate the north river expressway event.
Nothing Stock
Discover all 3 tuning shops in career mode.
Own the Road
Dominate 25 events in career mode.
Path of Destruction
Disable 10 police cars in a pursuit and successfully evade in career mode.
Pine Creek & Douglas
Dominate the pine creek & douglas event.
Disable 100 police vehicles.
South Canyon Hwy
Dominate the south canyon hwy event.
Spiked Punch
Avoid a spike strip in a pursuit and successfully evade in career mode.
To Protect and Serve
Complete the carmen sequence in the mission "rematch".
Tri-City Run
Dominate the tri-city run event.
Unstoppable Force
Avoid 50 road blocks in career mode.
Wasting Tax Dollars
Get $100,000 cost to state in a single pursuit and evade.
Window Shopper
Discovere all 3 pro shops in career mode.
Zack Trap
Complete the zack sequence in "the trap" mission.
Finish 119 multiplayer races in any position.
Dominate 100% of career by beating all the track records.
Finish the career story.
Platinum trophy
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 3

Evade police

To evade a police pursuit, cross the bridge located at the lower right-hand corner of the map by the stadium. The cops will not cross this bridge.

Rating 2

Starting boost

To get a boost at the start of the race, move the RPM into the blue right when the race starts.

Rating 2

Dukes Of Hazzard Dodge Charger R/T (classic) custom car


  • Paint - Hemi orange metallic, row 1, column 1
  • Window Tint - None
  • Flag Vinyl - USA
  • Number Vinyl - 0, 1

Performance Parts
  • Engine - Street/Pro package
  • Transmission - Street/Pro package
  • Tires - Street/Pro package-grip
  • NOS - Race package
  • Suspension - Street/Pro package
  • Supercharger - Street/Pro package (optional)

  • Stock or Speedway Autosculpt

Rating 1

Avoid getting busted

If you are about to get busted, hold [PlayStation Logo] and exit the game. However, do this before you press X after getting busted. This allows you to not have a ticket and start at your last save point. Note: This does not work when you upgrade a car and get busted just after coming from the garage.

Rating 1

Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Options" > "Secret Codes". Each code will work once per profile. The bonus cars are only available in Quick Race mode:

$10,000 in-game %%$3/"
$15,000 in-game S1D3K1CK
Die-Cast Audi R8 "9:G3IF
Die-Cast BMW M3 E92 )B7@B=
Die-Cast Chevrolet Camaro Concept citwoxq53f
Die-Cast Dodge Dodge Charger (1969) qlcukc4bqm
Die-Cast Dodge Viper SRT10 !C6;C>E
Die-Cast Ford Mustang GT i3kxodepfc
Die-Cast Lexus IS F 0;5M2;
Die-Cast Lexus IS F(Alternate Color) !7I3JMI
Die-Cast Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution 2Die-Cast Nissan 240SX Alternate Color- !8(4*-(
Die-Cast Nissan 240SX ?P:COL
Die-Cast Nissan GT-R Police Car yp}jwa
Die-Cast Pontiac GTO (1965) 2d5dviyrlgn
Die-Cast Porsche 911 Turbo >8P:I;
Die-Cast Volkswagen R32 !2ODBJ:
NeedForSpeed.com Lotus Elise -KJ3=E
Nissan 240SX ?P:COL

Rating 1

Hemi Orange Hotrod 1970 Dodge challenger custom car

In the "Autosculpt" menu, select "Undercover Multi" in the wheel category and enter the following:

  • Zone 1 - 1%
  • Zone 2 - 1%
  • Zone 3 - 100%
  • Zone 4 - 39%
  • Zone 5 - 100%
  • Zone 6 - 25%
  • Zone 7 - 100%
  • Zone 8 - 100%
  • Zone 9 - 1%.
In the "Aftermarket" menu, select "Body 1" from the "BodyKit" category. In the "Visual" menu, choose "Paint", then adjust the color to "Gloss Hemi Orange", row 2, column 1. In the "Vinyls" catogory, get rid of all layers. In the "Performance" menu, select all the race parts.

Rating 1

500mph in reverse

Do the following to drive in reverse at speeds greater than 500mph. In manual transmission drive forward in first gear. Then, hit the brakes and go into reverse driving as fast as you can. Release L2 and press R2. When you enter first gear, immediately shift down to neutral to reach speeds greater than 500mph.

Rating 1

Unlockable Cars

Unlock the following cars by performing the corresponding tasks:

Battle Machine RX-7 Win the first 30 challenge series events.
Dominator Corvette Z06 Dominate over 30 challenges series events.
Speed Machine 911GT2 Win all 60 challenge series events.

Rating 0

Easy money hint

Unlock the police car to unlock Chasedown mode. Then, ram the car until it is disabled. You will receive between $19,000 to $22,000.

Rating 0

Need For Speed Most Wanted BMW M3

Note: If a zone on a part is not mentioned, leave that zone alone. Get the BMW M3 E46 in a semi-dark white color and purchase the vinyl "Two Tone", categorized under manufacturer, in a color between medium and dark blue. Note: If you buy the vinyl in white and the car in blue, the colors will be reversed. Purchase the "Gentera Style 109" spoiler zone 1=100, 2=75, 3=100, 4=50. Buy the "ADR Adrenaline" rims, zone 1=36, 4=30 5. Buy the hood "Araxis Impact", zone 1=32, 3=100, 4=100. You now have the memorable BMW from Need For Speed Most Wanted. However, in Most Wanted the trunk is white, while in this game it is not.

Rating 0

Fast And The Furious Dodge Charger R/T (classic) custom car


  • Paint - Gloss black
  • Window tint - Light black

Performance parts
  • Engine - Pro package
  • Transmission - Pro package
  • Tires - Pro package
  • NOS - Race package
  • Suspension - Pro package
  • Supercharger - Pro package (optional)

  • Hood - Auto sculpt charged
  • Body kit - Stock