Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch PS3 Cheats

Rating 8


Trophy How To Unlock
Anchors Aweigh
Awarded for obtaining the good ship Queen Cowra.
Artful Dodger
Awarded for successfully stealing 50 times.
Boy Scout
Awarded for carrying out 15 different favors.
Dark Djinn Downthrower
Awarded for defeating the Dark Djinn.
En Guardian!
Awarded for defeating the forest guardian and bringing him back to his senses.
Fly the Friendly Skies
Awarded for befriending Kuro.
Awarded for learning all kinds of shots.
Imajinn-ary Friend
Awarded for maximizing an Imajinn's affection level.
Awarded for finding 20 types of Imajinn.
New Sheriff in Town
Awarded for hunting down 10 different bounties.
Out of this World
Awarded for casting a Gate spell and traveling to Ni no Kuni.
Pandora League Challenger
Awarded for winning your first bout at the Pandora League.
Pedigree Breeder
Awarded for raising an Imajinn to its maximum limit.
Pop Pop Fizz Fizz
Awarded for alchemizing 10 different items.
Prima Donna
Awarded for learning all songs.
Raising the Stakes
Awarded for collecting your first prize at the casino.
Soul Patrol
Awarded for collecting 2,000 soul orbs.
Viva the Evolution!
Awarded for completing 10 Imajinn evolutions.
Wonder Wand
Awarded for restoring the legendary wand 'Gradion' to its former glory.
Bounty Hunter
Awarded for hunting down 40 different bounties.
G Whiz!
Awarded for amassing a fortune of half a million G.
Awarded for setting foot in all secluded regions.
High Roller
Awarded for collecting all of the tickets for the casino's theater.
Humanitarian of the Year
Awarded for carrying out 60 different favors.
Little Battler Experience
Awarded for winning 1,000 battles.
Magic Master
Awarded for learning all known spells.
Treasure Hunter
Awarded for finding all hidden treasure chests.
White Witch Walloper
Awarded for saving Ni no Kuni by defeating the Queen of the White Ash.
Awarded for finding 250 types of Imajinn.
King of the World
Awarded for defeating the guardian of the world.
Mad Scientist
Awarded for alchemizing 120 different items.
Pandora League Champion
Awarded for becoming the reigning champion of the Pandora League.
Super Hero
Awarded for collecting all the hero licenses.
Wizardry Whiz
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies

Rating 3

My Neighbor Totoro easter eggs

  • Return to the Temple of Trials after completing the storyline in Hamelin to find it full of people and familiars. Among them is the white fuzzy familiar Tomte. Speak to it to find that it is named My Neighbor Tomtoro, a clear reference to the 1988 Studio Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro.

  • On Ugly Duckling Isle (South-east of Swan Island, which is directly north of the Summerlands) you can encounter the Toko, a familiar that looks very much like Totoro (body shape and eyes). It's other forms Tokotoko, Tokotocold, and Docotoko also share a resemblance.

  • King Tom is a large cat that happens to have the exact same colors and markings as Catbus.

Rating 2

Horace Locations and Riddle Solutions

Horace, the Sage of the Ages, takes the form of a ghost boy with green hair and will have a riddle for you to solve at each location you find him. Solving these riddles will unlock some of the most convenient spells available. The following are the places where you can find Horace, the answers to his riddles, and the rewards you receive for solving the puzzles:

Ding Dong Dell
You will first meet Horace at the memorial shrine near the King Tom's castle entrance. He will give you the Spirit Medium spell. Cast the spell to talk to him and complete this task.

Al Mamoon
Horace is found next to the milk fountain in this desert city. He will give you a new Tale of Wonder and ask you a few questions about it.The answer to the riddle is "DRAGON OF THE WEST". Yyou get the Draw Poison spell.

Castaway Cove
Horace can be found standing on a bridge overlooking the boats in the water. The answer to Horace's riddle is "FINEST FIBER". You will receive the Vacate spell, which forces Oliver and the party out of a dungeon (labelled "dangerous place" by the game) onto the overworld for the Travel spell to take effect.

The Fairygrounds
Horace is located in the outskirts of Fairygrounds, on the way to the Fairy Godmother. His riddle answer this time seems to be "CRISPY LETTUCE". He gives you alchemy formula for Sage's Secret; the spell (Levitate) must be found on your own as it is part of the story mission to enter the Fairy Godmother's reproductive system.

Horace will be on the balcony overlooking the main street below (this observation platform is outside the Hootique). Horace's answer should be "5" (for the number of Automata familiars in the Wizard's War mural in the Familiar section of the book). You get a Chart Chests spell, which functions like a radar for chests. Before entering the Porcine Palace, use Travel to head back to previous dungeons and cities to use this nifty spell. If you need to recharge your HP and MP, warp to the Temple of Trials or Golden Grove and use a save shrine.

Horace will be inside the Yule Elder's house, looking at a Blizzard Bloom. Answer the riddle with "BLIZZARD BLOOM" and earn the Cloudburst spell.

Horace is inside the Very Swift Solutions shop if you've been continuing the side mission for Horace's Riddles. Solve his riddle "JABAL AL-DUKHAN" (or "OLD SMOKY") and earn the Veil spell.

Back in Ding Dong Dell
Horace will return to Ding Dong Dell after the events in Nevermore Castle, and after the event that follows it, if you've answered all his riddles up until now. Find him at the cemetery in upper Ding Dong Dell. The answer this time is "UNLEASH" and Oliver will learn the Thunderstorm spell.

Ara Memoriae
Horace will be in the Ara Memoriae if you answered all his riddles till now and defeat Gallus half-way through the Ivory Tower (to unlock the Astra wand, otherwise, Oliver can't cast the reward). He will be at the northern most "pot", and asks you to give him an answer of "WIZARD'S ROBES". After answering correctly, Oliver will get the Astra spell and unlock Errand 136. Strangely enough, Oliver can cast this spell in battle without the wand earned from Gallus, but defeating Gallus is required for Horace to appear at Ara Memoriae.

Rating 2

Porco Rosso easter eggs

  • Hamelin is a city shaped like a giant pig where the people dress like pigs, a reference to the movie "Porco Rosso."

  • During the main storyline while you're in Hamelin, you will also have to fight a mechanical pig-like tank named Porco Grosso. Toward the end of the game you'll have to face an even stronger tank called Porco Loco.

  • Therer is an island called The Hermits Shell that is an exact replica of the island where Porco Rosso lives.

Rating 2

Laputa, Castle in the Sky easter egg

  • The castle that floats in the sky in the film is covered in grass and moss, but inside it is still a mechanical metropolis, much like The Ivory Tower in the game.
  • There is a familiar in the game called Tin Man with tall robots with long arms, strongly resembling the robot in the movie. Players can get a gold Tin Man if they win big in the Casino.

Rating 2

Merit Awards

The following is a list of all ther Rewards you can earn for completing Merit Stamp Cards, including costs and the bonus they provide. To unlock the next leve of Merit Awards you must have all the awards of the previous level, so you cannot access any of the Level 2 awards until you have all of the Level 1 awards nor can you access any Level 3 awards until you have all the Level 2 awards:

Jumping Jack (1 Card) Allows you to jump by pressing CIRCLE while running. Not very useful, but a whole lot of fun! 
Jack Be Nimble (1 Card) Allows you to run a little faster on the hills and plains of the wide world
Little Jack Horner (1 Card) Occasionally makes your foraging efforts more fruitful
Jack-in-the-Box (2 Cards) Makes it easier for you to sneak up on enemies from behind.
Jackpot (2 Cards) Causes additional restorative glims to appear during battle.
Jolly Jack-Tar (1 Card) Hastens your ship's progress across the seven seas. (increases movement while on a ship) 

Cheapjack (3 Cards) Allows you to by items in shops at a slightly lower price. (10% discount)
Crackerjack (3 Cards) Increases the amount of experience gained through taking part in battle. (10% EXP increase, rounded down)
Jack-o'-Lantern (3 Cards) Helps you strike fear into your enemies, causing them to drop more items.
Jackpot II (3 Cards) Allows you to collect any glims that remain at the end of a battle automatically. (Does not include Gold Glims)
Jack-at-a-Pinch (3 Cards) Lowers the cost of continuing your game following a defeat on the battlefield. (Lose 5% of guilders instead of 10%)
Flapjack (2 Cards) Allows you to give Tengri a speed boost by pressing (Circle) while flying.

Jack of Hearts (4 Cards) Improves your chances of befriending creatres and making them your familiars. (By 20%)
Jack-Amend-All (4 Cards) Enables the recovery of health through walking. The more you explore, the more you restore.
Crackerjack II (1 Card) Further increases the amount of experience gained through taking part in battle.
Jack-of-all-Trades (5 Card) Reduces the amount of magical power required to perform spells, tricks, songs, and trick shots. (By 10%.)
Jack-o'-Lantern II (5 Cards) Allows you to terrify your enemies even more, causing them to drop rare and valuable items.
Jack the Giant Killer (8 Cards) Unlock's Oliver's full potential as a wizard and a hero! (Gives Oliver 100 HP and 100 MP)

Rating 1

Easy experience and money hint

Once you have access to the boat to travel, head northeast of the Summerlands to come across a series of islands. The largest of the islands is called Swan Island, and the smallest island on the southern tip of the chain is called Ugly Duckling Island. On Ugly Duckling Island, roam to encounter the Toko Familiar, which offers Oliver's party with 2,000 EXP. Toko Familiars tend to run away quickly so focus on them or use spells that hide your presence. Different types of the Toko provide impressive rewards throughout the game. The following is a list of other locations to find different types of Tokos, and the rewards they provide:

Golden Tokocold
Location: Ivory Tower – Final Dungeon
Reward: 10,000 G

Golden Tokotoko
Location: Snake Ruins
Reward: 6,000 G

Location: Swan Island – North of Summerlands (often encountered in groups of two to three)
Reward: 2,000 EXP

Location: Ivory Tower – Final Dungeon
Reward: 24,000 EXP

Location: Billy Goat Bluffs
Reward: 8,000 EXP

Rating 1

Stocking up from errands

Since items can be expensive to buy, do Swift Solution errands anytime you can to earn both items and Guilders. This works out great when you have a quest for someone missing a piece of Heart and can find that Heart in the same town ( such as The Idle Wife errand in Ding Dong Dell, which nets you 3 Bars of Chocolate, 3 Flans, and 30 Guilders).

Rating 1

Kiki's Delivery Service easter eggs

Oliver's friend in Motorville is a boy named Phil who happens to bear a striking resemblance to Tombo, Kiki's guy friend in "Kiki's Delivery Service." They share the same hair, height, glasses, and love of building vehicles that allow you to travel (Tombo wants to create a flying bicycle while Phil wans to create the best car ever). At the very end of "Ni No Kuni," Oliver flies into Motorville on a broom. In "Kiki's Delivery Service," Kiki flies around on a broom to make deliveries for people. It's also about the only magic she can do. Both Oliver and Kiki are magic users.

Rating 1

Howl's Moving Castle easter eggs

  • Oliver himself bears a close resemblance to Markl, Howl's sidekick in the movie 'Howl's Moving Castle'. The boy learns magic in the film.
  • Howl is known as a beautiful, dark-haired man with a light complexion. Marcassin, the king of Hamelin, is also a beautiful man with dark hair and light complexion.
  • The Cawtermaster's store looks like a dark crow similar to the form Howl takes in the movie.

Rating 1

Nausica of the Valley of the Wind easter egg

The game makes reference to a lost and ancient language called Nazcaa, which when pronounced sounds almost identical to Naussica. Nazcaan is the language the original Wizard's Companion was written in (as explained during Horace's riddle in Castaway Cove).

Rating 1

Grinding hint

You may eventually hit a boss fight or area that you find yourself too weak to get through. Rather than grinding in one area (which you may have to do once in a while), instead try completing Swift Solution quests that involve entering areas with enemies. This way you are gaining levels and are also receiving items, stamps, Guilders, etc. The best are the bounty hunts so that you fight enemies to grow stronger and earn rewards.

Rating 1

"Errand #064: The Hungry Llapaca" hint

In Perdida you'll run into a Llapaca (animal that resembles a llama) that asks for food. The following is a list of each food it requests (in order) and the place where you can buy it. Completing this errand earns you 6 stamps, a Leech Gem, 2,500 Guilders, and several formulae.

Babana Al Mamoon
Black Truffle Hamelin
Glowshrimp Castaway
Snow Radish Yule

Rating 1

All Boss Strategies

The following is every boss fight in the game followed by a brief strategy:

Guardian of the Woods
Although it's tempting to use your Mite, stick to using Oliver and his Fireball spell to do much faster damage. Keep dishing out the Fireball spell and make sure you Defend when the boss is preparing to do its Windfall attack. Simply heal with Healing Touch if your health drops below 20 HP and collect blue glims to defeat this rather simple boss.

Hickory Dock
Toss Fireballs while keeping your distance. If you think you've learned his moves well enough, use your physical Familiar to dish some close-up hits. Always defend against his Mousefire attack, which is quick and strong. Occasionally his special attack will backfire and leave him open, allowing you to wail on him for a bit. As always, heal up when necessary.

This boss hits hard so you'll want to keep your distance with Oliver while tossing Frostbite since it does more damage per MP than Fireball. Although he hits hard, his attacks are easy to avoid so study his movement and learn when to evade and Defend. Note that his Everblade attack hits anywhere on the field so be sure to Defend against it. It is recommended that you keep your HP above 50. Also note that Seed Sprite's Drowsy Drops ability works on Gladiataur, allowing you to put him to sleep and recover if necessary. ONce he goes berserk just spam Frostbite until Drippy knocks him out with the shield, then switch to your physical Familiar and wail on him.

Rusty's Nightmare
Avoid using familiars as they won't stand a chance. Instead, stick to Oliver and use Frostbite while collecting blue glims to restore MP. Although the Nightmare's physical attacks are weak, getting hit by several of them in a short time can drain your health. Make sure to Defend against his Hard Heart attack.

This poss is programmed to only focus on the character that ISN'T in control. Do to this, it's easy to get to his side and unleash a flurry of attacks that will inflict heavy damage and often cancel the boss' attacks, which are quite weak anyways.

Spam Frostbite as Oliver and set up Esther so that she keeps you up with heals, only healing yourself if you drop low. His attacks are pretty weak except for one where he goes on a rampage against one character. If you have them, drink a Strong Coffee to keep your MP up while blasting him from behind with Frostbite.

Since his attacks will constantly interrupt any physical assaults, stick with Oliver and use Pulse. Make sure to Defend when he uses his Al-Khombo and stay away when he has a burning sword. However, charge with your strongest familiar when he's using a parasol. Once he's down to 20% he'll start doing his Hubble-Bubble attack which has a 10 second charge. Do not get wiped by this attack, heal up and defend.

Swaine's Nightmare
This boss will constantly put you to sleep and curse you, allowing it to hit you with physical attacks. Keep a distance and chip away at its health, always defending when it does its Bad Dream attack. Just make sure not to get hit by its physical attacks (which can crit) and you should be fine.

Although you only have to actually drop his health to 60%, it is quite a challenge keeping your party alive. This is a good fight for using any health items you stored, and make sure to set up Esther so she focuses on healing. Play defensively, especially when he casts Bleak Midwinter, and just try to chip away at his health as best you can while staying alive.

Royal Jelly
Equipment with storm resistance is recommended, as is any weapons that inflict fire damage. Though its physical attacks are weak, it often inflicts confusion so be prepared for that. Make sure to defend against its Bolt from the Blue attack and heal up afterwards. At 40% it will start casting Baby Shower, which spawns eight Jelly Baby enemies. Use any multi-enemy attacks to hit both the small jellies and the boss since Royal Jelly will be weak during this time. Lastly, definitely go for Oliver's Miracle Move since it's a fire attack that does great damage to the boss.

Porco Rosso
Physical attacks are pretty much harmless against this boss, so stick with magic and tricks. Drongo and any other familiars with storm-based tricks are recommended. Always perform an All-Out attack when the boss is weakened, and have Oliver grab the golden glim to perform his Burning Heart attack, which always deals decent damage. When the boss drops below 30% health it will start using a powerful attack called Gammon Cannon; it can do over 100 to each character so make sure to defend and stay healed.

Rating 1

Support item farming hint

Note: The following hint is performed toward the end of the game. To avoid spoilers, do not read on. After defeating Shadar and seemingly restoring order, the White Witch will cast a powerful spell that turns everyone from the three main cities (Ding Dong Dell, Al Mamoon, and Hamelin) into zombie-like creatures. These zombified townsfolk almost always give up awesome support items such as Cappuccinos, Cheeseburgers, and even Pixie Dews when you steal from them with Swaine via his Mugshot attack.

Rating 1

Post-completion Unlockables

The following bonuses are unlocked when you complete the game:

  • The Rank S prizes are unlocked in the Crypt Casino.
  • Rank S is unlocked in the Solosseum.
  • New Errands and Bounties are available, as well as new familiars to tame and one more treasure to receive!
  • A new secret boss is available to fight! (Errand #131)

Rating 1

Statue puzzle solution in Cursed Crypt Of The Cobra King

To solve this puzzle, ignore the tiles with the frogs imprinted on them and instead simply switch the places of the two statues of a woman crying.

Rating 0

Catching Familiars

After a few hours into the main storyline you will unlock the ability capture Familiars that you fights. To do so, defeat a wild familiar. If it is impressed, little pink hearts will appear over its head, indicating that you can capture the Familiar. Select Esther and select the command labeled with a heart, then select Serenade. You will then acquire the Familiar as an ally. See the following video for more help:

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Rating 0

Easy 500,000 Guilders

The following video will show you how to earn an easy 500K Guilders to unlock the trophy:

**Video Removed**
Rating 0

Princess Mononoke easter eggs

  • The Guardian of the Woods is a creature covered in forest that stands on two feet. He strongly resembles the Guardian of the Forest in the film, the form that towers above the trees and loses his head.
  • The white wolf boss Cerboreas is a reference to the large white wolves in the movie.