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Phantom Breaker: Extra PS3 Cheats

Game also available for:   XBOX 360

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Trophy How To Unlock
Assassin from Another World

Play a match as White Mikoto.
Clock Up

Used an Overdrive in Quick Style.

Play a match as Cocoa.

Play a match as Ende.

Play a match as Fin.
Gaito & Rin

Play a match as Gaito & Rin.
Gonna Watch?

Play a match in a Player Match room.

Play a match as Infinity.
Itsuki Kono

Play a match as Itsuki Kono.
Kurisu Makise

Play a match as Kurisu Makise.

Play a match as M.
Mei Orisaka

Play a match as Mei Orisaka.
Mikoto Nishina

Play a match as Mikoto Nishina.
Not Yet

Play 10 matches in Ranked Match.
Ren Tatewaki

Play a match as Ren Tatewaki.
Ria Tojo

Play a match as Ria Tojo.
Rimi Sakihata

Play a match as Rimi Sakihata.
Shizuka Saijima

Play a match as Shizuka Saijima.
Solid Armor

Used an Overdrive in Hard Style.
Sophia Kalganova

Play a match as Sophia Kalganova.
Style Change

Used an Overdrive in Extra Style.

Play 25 matches in Ranked Match.
Tokiya Kanzaki

Play a match as Tokiya Kanzaki.
Waka Kumon

Play a match as Waka Kumon.

Win a match in Ranked Match.
Winning Streak

Get a Winning Streak in Ranked Match.
Chasing Shadows

Clear Shizuka's route in Situation Battle Mode.
Phantom Breaker

Clear Sophia's route in Situation Battle. Mode.

Play 50 matches in Ranked Match.

Clear Ende's route in Situation Battle Mode.

Perform a 30-hit combo.
Avatar God

Perform a 50-hit combo.
Completely Clear

Cleared all characters in Situation Battle Mode.
Like an Avatar

Perform a 40-hit combo.
I Won All the Trophies

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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