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Pinballistik Cheats "Trophies" (PS3)


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Trophy How To Unlock
Aces High

Hit the Ace of Spades spinner eleven times in five minutes.
All Powered Up

Use Super Power on at least four balls at once.
Black Jack of all Trades

Light up the 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace in order on the Circle the Wagons classic table.

In a score battle game, win while losing less than five balls.
Everybody Knows Your Name

Get the ball into the saloon on the Circle the Wagons battle table for the first time.
Full Arsenal

Have each of the slotted power ups at once. (Ball Thief, Super Power, Power Flippers)
Grand Ballarceny

Steal four balls with one use of Ball Thief.
Saloon Hopper

Get into the saloon four times in five minutes in one game.
Sharp Shooter

Hit the skill shot on the Circle the Wagons classic table.
The Musical Fruit

Get the ball into the can of beans kicker three times in a three minute game on either the battle or classic table.
Trigger Happy

Activate the gun three times in one game.
Arcade Rat

Play 30 games of pinball.
Millionaire's Club

Reach a score of 5,000,000 on a table in a 10 minute game.
Potato Salad

Get a Hot Potato past your opponent 30 times during your career.
Tamed the West

Complete all of the features on the Circle the Wagons classic table and both sides of the battle table.

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