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PlayStation Home Cheats "Novus Prime Unlockables" (PS3)


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Novus Prime Unlockables

Unlock the following bonuses by performing the corresponding tasks:
Airman Pilot Jacket (male or female) Reach level 12.
Captain Pilot Jacket (male or female) Reach level 20.
Nebulon Containment Trunk Reach level 4.
Novus Prime Concept: The Shocker Reach level 18.
Novus Prime Gladius Statuette Reach level 8.
Novus Prime Personal Warp Disruptor Reach level 10.
Novus Prime T-shirt (male or female) Complete Novus Prime Tutorial.
Novus Prime Witch Doctor Statuette Reach level 14.
Novus Prime Workshop Table Reach level 16.
Private's Pilots Jacket (male or female) Reach level 6.

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