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Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD Cheats "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD: Play as Sandwraith" (PS3)


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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD: Play as Sandwraith

On your second visit to the portal room, when you must switch the time to the present for the first time, the Prince will say that something is wrong. You must run the switches on the wall to make the portal work correctly. However, instead of doing so, enter the portal as it is and you will switch the time to the present. Save the game, then exit and load the game. You will now be playing as Sandwraith. In this mode you will constantly lose life and will lose much more health when hit than in normal mode. However, your attacks are stronger and you'll be faster. Note: Save the game on a different file if you wish to continue the game as the Prince.

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