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Prince of Persia Classic Trilogy HD Cheats "Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD: Special Weapons" (PS3)


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Prince of Persia: Warrior Within HD: Special Weapons

Find the following hidden weapons. Note: All special weapons are unbreakable. However, if you throw it, you lose it for good:

Rayman Fist
  • Rayman's Fist is located in the Catacombs. Since the Dahaka is chasing you, consider using slow time to escape him. Get to the part where you have to pull three stones out of the wall to raise the central area. After pulling the first, go to the stairway, make a right, run on two walls, and jump to the bar on the right side. Swing from the bar and follow the path, then make a quick left. The fist is in a weapon rack to the left. The Rayman fist has a high attack rate, but hardly does damage. If you throw it, you lose it forever.

Hockey Stick
  • After acquiring the Scorpion sword, find your way back to the central room. Turn the turnstile so that the lever is facing the doorway with the save point fountain. Stand facing the opposite doorway and walk up a little and to the right. You will find a ledge that is one step lower than the area around you. Walk down and grab on to it, then jump to the opposite ledge and jump back and forth to slowly make your way down. Once you reach the bottom drop down to the ledge below it. Wall run to the next wall and get ready to jump off and back and forth to make your way up. Wall run again and, when you reach the end wall jump to slow your descent once more, you'll eventually grab onto a ledge. Make your way to the doorway that is next to it, but do not go in. Instead, keep going on the rocks until you see the area where sand is falling. With the scorpion sword in hand, break the wall. Break the rack of weapons and pick up the hockey stick. It has moderate damage and a relatively slow attack rate.

Light Sword
  • The light sword is the strongest secondary weapon in the game. In the mystic caves you will come upon a door that you must unlock via switch. Directly after that door is a drop in the floor. Drop down and break the left wall, thenbreak the rack to pick up the light sword. The light sword has maximum damage and maximum attack rate.

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