Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time HD PS3 Cheats

Rating 2


Trophy How To Unlock
Sand Bearer
Obtain the Dagger of Time.
Sands of Time
Play the game for over 10 hours.
Sand Apprentice
Kill 150 enemies.
Master of Time
Rewind time 200 times.
Full Circle
Activate castle's defenses.
Sword of Strength
Obtain the first sword.
Secret of Argabah
Find and drink from all hidden fountains.
Prince of Sand
Finish the game.
Sand Warrior
Kill 300 enemies.
Game Master
Complete the game rewinding the time less than 20 times.
Sand Collector
Collect all 48 Sand Clouds.
One Hard Decision
Defeat your father.
The Elevator
Survive the elevator fight.
Ultimate Sword
Obtain the third Sword.
The Big Fight
Kill the vizier.
Prince of Persia
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 1

Infinite door puzzle hint

At about 83% through the game you will find a room with eight doors. In this room you will have to find the correct series of doors in order to continue. To solve this puzzle, walk by each door and, if you hear the sound of trickling water, go through it. Repeat this until a little cut scene plays.

Rating 1

Classic Prince of Persia Passwords

Battle with Jafar LRARUC
Level 10 MZFYSC
Level 11 BRAYQC
Level 12 UUGTPC
Level 2 KIEJSC
Level 3 VNNNPC
Level 4 IYVPTC
Level 5 RWSWWC
Level 6 GONWUC
Level 7 DEFNUC
Level 8 SVZMSC
Level 9 DBJRPC

Rating 1

Original Prince of Persia

Start from the Above the Baths save once you have your new sword and head down the stairwell that leads to a large cavernous area. Get through the area until you end up in a small room with Farah. There's a lever and gear in the center of the room; turn it clockwise until it clicks twice. Both doors in the room are now closed, but you have also opened a secret door that you cannot see. Go to the wall directly opposite the entrance and swing until you find a spot on the wall where your sword doesn't spark. Strike this area a couple times to reveal a hidden room. Enter to unlock the game, which is now available from the main menu.

Rating 1

Refilling sand tanks cheat

Hold L3 and press CIRCLE(2), X, SQUARE(2), X, TRIANGLE(2) during game play to refill your sand tanks.

Rating 0

Unlock first Prince Of Persia level in 3D

Start a new game and while on the balcony, hold L3 and quickly press X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE.

Rating 0

Original Prince Of Persia room

When you start a new game and while on the balcony, hold L3 and enter X, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, TRIANGLE, X, SQUARE, CIRCLE.