Radiant Silvergun PS3 Cheats

Rating 1


Clear Arcade (15 points) Clear Arcade Mode. 
Clear Story (15 points) Clear Story Mode. 
Cleared Without Using Continues (30 points) Clear Arcade Mode without using continues. 
Complete Breakdown (10 points) Destroy a boss with 100% destruction. 
Genuine Complete Breakdown (20 points) Destroy all bosses 100%. 
Hyper Sword (5 points) Use Hyper Sword. 
MERRY (5 points) Find hidden bonus. 
Max Chain (20 points) Get 100,000 points by chain bonus. 
On the Leaderboard (10 points) Upload a score to the Leaderboards. 
Sword Master (30 points) Clear level 1 using only the Sword. 
Top Breeder (20 points) Find all hidden bonuses.
Weapon Master (20 points) Get three weapons to maximum level.