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Rag Doll Kung Fu: Fists of Plastic Cheats ""Offside!" trophy hint" (PS3)


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"Offside!" trophy hint

With two controllers, create a Capture The Fish match in  Multi-player mode and set the match to Team: "Yes", Time Limit: "2 minutes", Score Limit: "0", and Allow Player In Basket: "Yes". Pick two characters for the red team, but do not press X for player one. Hold PlayStation Logo to display the "Quit Game" menu, then select the "Controller Settings" options and choose "Reassign The Controller". Change it to "3" then exit. Select a new character then press X. Make sure you have at least one player on the opposite team (for example, the blue team). Change the controller number back to "1" and begin the game. Move player one into the basket facing the right. Move player two to pick up the fish While facing left with player two, hold L2 to R2 with player one to free-pose. You will automatically catch the fish if it touches your hands. After player one has the fish, immediately hold Left Analog-stick Down then press Square to throw the fish into the basket. All this must be done quickly.

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