Record of Agarest War 2 PS3 Cheats

Rating 3


Trophy How To Unlock
Defeated Summeril in the third generation.
Any Quest-ions?
Reported the completion of a commission at the Hunter's Guild in Frensberge.
Been to Health and Back
Reached 99 VIT!
Born Again
Performed a conversion.
Come At Me, Bro
Uploaded a score to the Score Rankings.
Coming of Mage
Reached 99 INT!
Consume! CONSUME!
Went shopping 500 times.
Get Your Deem On
[Event] Defeated the Garvel.
How Striking
Got an Ultimate Strike.
I Am the 1%
Collected more than 1,000,000 G.
I Could Get Technical, but What's the Point?
Collected over 10,000 TP.
More Like DEADaos
[Event] Defeated Danaos.
Nice Guys Finish Fast
Reached 99 AGI!
Operation Overkill
Got an Overkill.
Finished the first generation.
Pulled Some Strings
Created a Marionette.
Finished the second generation.
Shook the Invisible Hand
Sold 100 items.
Finished the third generation.
To Sleep, Enhance to Dream...
Enhanced 100 times.
[Event] Defeated Vanessa's demon.
View to a Skill
Reached 99 DEX!
Working in a Coal Mind
Reached 99 MND!
You Strong Me Along
Reached 99 STR!
At a Boss for Words
Defeated 4 mid-bosses.
Bossed and Found
Defeated 8 mid-bosses.
Had max affection with one of the heroines at the end of a generation.
Corpse Party
Defeated 1,000 enemies.
He's Dead, Jim
Dealt 100,000 points of damage at once.
Holy Matri-Chloe
Chloe got married!
Living in Cynthia
Cynthia got married!
Paradise Bossed
Defeated 12 mid-bosses.
The Hits Just Keep On Coming
Did 300 hits in one attack.
Guildy Conscience
Completed all guild quests.
Ian Malcom
Terminated True Chaos with extreme prejudice.
Is it Mobi-I or Mobi-Us?
Terminated True Mobius with extreme prejudice.
Finished 1000 battles.
Collect ALL the Trophies!
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 0

New Game+ mode

After completing the game you can start New Game+ mode game. To import the following features from your previous game session, spend the corresponding number of Platinum Coins during New Game+ mode. Note: You will need 87 Platinum Coins to import all features from your previous game:

Accessories 8 Platinum Coins
Active skills 9 Platinum Coins
Armor 10 Platinum Coins
Items 18 Platinum Coins
Items added to shops 3 Platinum Coins
Monster kill count 12 Platinum Coins
Skill books 6 Platinum Coins
Special kill counts for certain enemies within specific group 9 Platinum Coins
Weapons 12 Platinum Coins