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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Cheats "Umbrella Chronicles: Nemesis strategy" (PS3)

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Umbrella Chronicles: Nemesis strategy

Nemesis has no weak point so simply throw everything you have at him. Make sure you have an assault shotgun (level 4), Magnum (level 4), and MRL (level 4). Use the Magnum first. After you shoot him enough times, he will jump onto the rooftop and run around to a certain spot. He’ll then shoot his tentacles down the wall and pop up directly in front of you to attack. This can’t be dodged. He will then jump up and attempt to crush you. Dodge this, and repeat the process. Use the MRL when you run out of ammo for the Magnum and assault shotgun. Shoot all eight rockets at him and if he survives, finish him off with the handgun. Note: He can grab you and hold you in the air. You’ll die if you don’t shoot him to escape.

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