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Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles Cheats "Umbrella Chronicles: Unlockable New Scenarios" (PS3)

Game also available for:   Wii


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Umbrella Chronicles: Unlockable New Scenarios

Unlock the following scenarios by performing the corresponding tasks:
Beginnings (I) Defeat "Train Derailment 3"
Beginnings (II) Defeat "Beginnings (I)" with at least an A rank
Dark Legacy (I) Defeat "Fall of Umbrella 3"
Dark Legacy (II) Defeat "Death's Door" and "Nightmare (II)"
Death's Door Defeat "Raccoon's Destruction 3" with at least an A rank
Fourth Survivor Defeat "Dark Legacy (II)"
Nightmare (I) Defeat "Mansion Incident 1"
Nightmare (II) Defeat "Nightmare (I)" with at least an A rank
Rebirth (I) Defeat "Mansion Incident 3"
Rebirth (II) Defeat "Rebirth (I)"
The 4th Survivor Defeat "Dark Legacy (II)"

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