Ridge Racer 7 PS3 Cheats

Rating 1

Free FP and CR hint

Select a Ridge State Grand Prix that you have not yet cleared. (This works especially well with RSGP 12 or 13). Complete the next-to-last race with a points lead of at least 9. Since you will always earn at least one point per race, there is thus no chance of finishing the GP lower than 1st. When the final race begins, do not finish. Wait for the time to run out (3 minutes after the lead car finishes). Continue past the results and you will find that you are awarded the full amount of FP and CR for winning the GP. However, since you did not finish the final race, you are forced to either Retry or Quit. Choose to Retry as many times as you like; you will continue to earn the full amount every time you do not finish. This will enable you to quickly unlock all of the hidden races and buy all of the parts, but you will still need to rely on your skills to actually finish the races!

Rating 1

Machine connector plug-ins

Unlock the following plug-ins by earning 100 manufacturer points with the corresponding companies:

Auto Rocket Start System Zolgear
Collision Decreases All tire and suspension manufacturers
Down Force Control System Bosconian
Nitrous Tank 100 All nitrous manufacturers
Over Limit Start System All engine tune up manufacturers
Prize Money x2 All manufacturers
Race Data Analyzer Galaxian
SS Booster Arkbird
SS Canceler All exterior parts manufacturers

Rating 0

Machine manufacturer bonuses

To get a 10-20% discount and a special machine, obtain 100 manufacturer points from a company.

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Crinale strategies

  • Use the following cars and parts to defeat Crinale:

Soldat Raggio: Machine Class 1
Engine: Druaga
Nitrous: General Resource (Normal Charge)
Tires/Suspension: Astaroth (Grip + 2)
Plug in: Slipstream Booster

  • -Crinale can be defeated with just about any car and settings. However, the only really critical setting is the nitrous, which must be set on General Resources Auto-charge. Since he will stop a couple feet away from the finish line to wait until you round the last corner, stop as soon as you complete your second lap to wait for him at the finish line. When he stops, creep up to him nose to nose and slowly force him back and to the INSIDE lane. DO NOT use nitrous to hurry this process up, or else he will slide past you and finish the race anyway. You have about 6 minutes to push him as far back as possible, hopefully at least 7 to 8 car lengths past the stripe of light that crosses the track. This may take many tries as you may slide around him, but keep doing this as he will not move back to his previous position.Once the "Time Left to Finish" pops up, turn around and run the final lap. After you pass the second to last corner, hit Triple Nitrous and you will be up to maximum speed when you round the last corner and he will not be able to react fast enough to beat you to the finish line.