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Ryu ga Gotoku: Ishin! PS3 Cheats

Game also available for:   PS4

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Trophy How To Unlock
10 Substories

Complete 10 substories.
40 Substories

Complete 40 substories.
Apprentice Farmer

Grow 10 kinds of vegetables.
Ascend to the Heavens like a Dragon

Clear all 3 courtesan mini-games.
Ask me About the Restaurants of Kyoto

Eat at every restaurant.
Bandits Cave

Complete the 'Bandits Cave' dungeon.
Brother to All

Make friends with all humans and animals.
Daily Specials Menu

Cook 7 different dishes.
Debt Repayment

Repay Haruka's debt.
Dungeon Beginner

Enter battle dungeons three times.
Fledgling Angler

Catch 10 fish.
Friends for the First Time

Make your first human or animal friend.
Growth Spurt

Acquire 10 abilities using the Soul Sphere.
Halfway to your Dream

Achieve 50% completion on the pause menu.
I Can Dance

Sing all Japanese dance songs.
I Can Sing

Sing all songs at the karaoke bar.
I'm the Gambler

Play all gambling games.
Join the Corps, Young Man

Enlist 100 men.
Learn what can be Learned

Complete a training session with each master.
Make it my Color

Change the wallpaper at your second home.
Making Easy Money

Complete 10 customer orders.
Man Laden with More Virtue

Acquire 50,000 karma.
Man Laden with Real Virtue

Acquire 100,000 karma.
Man Laden with Virtue

Acquire 10,000 karma.
More Virya

Complete 20 items from the Virya Catalogue.
Peaceful Home

View a calming event in your second home.
Putting all my Money and Dreams on a Chicken

Gamble on 5 chicken races.
Real Virya

Compelte 50 items from the Virya Catalogue.

Experience all revelations.
Special Craftsman

Defeat 100 enemies with special abilities outside of ultimate battles.
Stick with your Tools

Synthesis 100 weapons and armor.
Story Clear 1

Clear chapter two.
Story Clear 2

Clear chapter four.
Story Clear 3

Clear chapter six.
Story Clear 4

Clear chapter eight.
Story Clear 5

Clear chapter ten.
Story Clear 6

Clear chapter twelve.
Talk of the Town

Acquire maximum fame in any town.
Tengu Hunting

Defeat the tengu at the request of the Tachibana.
The Arena is my Garden

Win 10 matches in the arena.
The Kenzan in Tosa!

Visit Tosa for the first time.
The Man who Knows all the Plays

Play all mini-games.
The Value of Money Through Hard Work

Earn 10 ryo working at the udon restaurant.
Thieves Mine

Complete the 'Thieves Mine' dungeon.
Toyotomi Remnants

Complete the 'Toyotomi Remnants' dungeon.

Complete 5 items from the Virya Catalogue.
You've Got a Ways to Go

Reach level 50.
Domination of Substories

Complete all substories.
Exceed Your Limits

Reach maximum level.
God of Virtue

Acquire 300,000 karma.
Thanks from the Staff

Clear the final chapter.
Ultimate Fighting Master

Clear all ultimate battles.
Virya God

Complete all items from the Virya Catalogue.
Mastered the Game

Clear the game on the hardest difficulty.
Realize your Dream

Achieve 100% completion on the pause menu.
Yakuza Restoration!

Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

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