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Saints Row 2 Cheats "Online Badges" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Online Badges

Unlock the following badges by performing the corresponding tasks in an online match:
Ar... Play online on September 19th.
Assassin Get $105,000 online.
Assault and Battery Get 10 melee kills, excluding the Pimp Slap.
Brain Surgeon Get 100 head shots.
Burnout Killed 10 people with fire.
Demo Demon Drive 10 cars until they explode.
Dominator Get $310,000 online.
Enforcer Get $188,000 online.
Executioner Get $777,000 online.
Fully Loaded Fill all weapon slots.
Gangsta Get $25,000 online.
Killa Get $10,000 online.
King of Kingpins Get $2,200,000 online.
Kingpin Get $1,200,000 online.
Leadfoot Get 2.000 seconds total in first place in racing.
Mass Murder Get 10 Multi-kills.
New Jack Already unlocked.
No Questions Asked Play 10 or more matches with at least 20 kills.
Nutjob Get 100 nutshot kills.
Original Gangsta Play 10 or more matches.
Party Animal Host and win a custom mach.
Pimp Play 20 or more matches.
Regulator 5 or more matches with at least $30,000 earned.
Road Rage Kill 150 people by running over them.
Saint Picasso Spray 100 tags.
Soldier Get $55,000 online.
Team Spirit Pimp Slap 10 people.
Terminator Get $502,000 online.
Thug Get $2,500 online.
Track Star Sprint for 3,000 seconds total.
Trigger Happy Fire 100,000 shots.
Wrecking Crew Get 50,000 points of damage in Mayhem/Demo Derby.

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