Sega Rally Revo PS3 Cheats

Rating 3


Unlock the following races by performing the corresponding tasks:

Expert races Get 130 points in any class.
Final race Get 275 points in any class.
HotWheels RD04 Get 100% in championship mode.
Icelandic racer Get 200 points in masters races.
Mini Cooper S Rally Win the premier final.
Pikes Peak racer Win the modified final.
Pro races Get 80 points in amateur races.

Rating 1

Lake Side track

To unlock the Lake Side track for Quick Race and Time Attack modes, enter the Sega Rally final after reaching the final Master Series.

Rating 1


To unlock up to three Liveries for any car, drive 20, 50, and 81 miles in Quick Race Mode.

Rating 0

Starting boost

Press ACCELERATE about halfway down. As soon as you get grip and the car moves forward, press it down all the way.