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Sengoku Musou 3 Empires PS3 Cheats

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Trophy How To Unlock
A Commander's Peaceful Retirement

Complete Mori Motonari's Story
A New Warrior Appears

Create a new character
And Then to Honnōji

Complete Oda Nobunaga's Story
Castle's Business Hearing

Build a royal warrant office
Collection of Famous Places

Build every unique officer building
Completely Subdued Bases

Capture all the bases in a single battle
Dawn of the Warring States

Complete a scenario in Empire mode
Desire to Remain Boxed in

Complete Chosokabe Motochika's Story
Dream of a Nemesis

Complete Uesugi Kenshin's Story
Famous Developer

Make a structure evolve
Famous Horse Loved by Keiji

Obtain Matsukaze
Famous War Castle

Get your castle keep to level 3
First Castle Construction

Build your first stucture in your castle town
First Conquered Base

Capture your first base
Glamorous Residence of Luxury

Build a lavish palace
Living History of the Warring States

Obtain 100% completion in movie gallery
Novice Developer

Upgrade a structure to level 3
Parent and Child of Chaos

Complete Takeda Shingen's Story
Person who Surpasses Hideyoshi's Wealth

Obtain at least 2,000,000 gold in a single game
Place to see Smiles

Complete Toyotomi Hideyoshi's Story
Prominent War Castle

Have at least 100 structures in your castle town
Proper Authority

Build a magistrate office
Samurai of the Warring States

Defeat 1,000 enemies in a single battle
Skilled Developer

Upgrade a structure to a better version
The Birth of a Famous Place

Build your first unique officer building
The Land for Numskulls

Complete Hojo Ujiyasu's Story
The Land's Unparalleled Entertainer

Max friendship bonds with the storekeeper, Saya
The Road Home for Two

Complete Date Masamune's Story
The Sound of Mujika

Build a cathedral
This is a Superbly Manufactured Sword

Obtain one rare weapon
This is Superbly Manufactured Armor

Obtain one piece of armor (any type)
This too is Peace

Complete Tokugawa Ieyasu's Story
To Nobunaga's Desired Hell

Complete one battle on the hardest difficulty
Warrior with Educated Technique

Kill at least 100 enemies with a single Musou attack
Withholding the Demon

Complete Shimazu Yoshihiro's Story
Your First Victorious Battle

Win a battle
Great Buddha's Light

Build a golden giant Buddha
Master of Sieges

Capture a total of 100 bases during the course of the game
One who is Fascinated by the Demon Blade

Obtain two rare weapons
One-of-a-Kind Castle in Three Countries

Get your castle keep to level 5
Unrivaled Castle of the Ages

Fill every section of your castle town with a structure
Architect who Surpasses Kiyomasa

Obtain 100% in structure gallery (except for DLC)
Greatest in the Land

Complete every scenario in Empire mode (except for DLC)
Once-in-a-Lifetime Meeting with Rikyu

Obtain 100% completion in officer events gallery
The One who Spins History

Complete all 10 stories in Story mode
You are Truly the Greatest Warrior of the Land!

Unlock all other trophies

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