Sniper: Ghost Warrior PS3 Cheats

Rating 5


Trophy How To Unlock
Act I
Complete Act I.
Act II
Complete Act II.
Finish the game on Easy difficulty.
Fallen Eagle
Kill 10 eagles.
Flying Knives
Kill 10 enemies with throwing knives.
Heavy Fire
Kill a total of 30 enemies with Browning gun.
Hold Your Breath
Kill 250 people using sniper rifle. (Multiplayer)
One Package, Two Receivers
Kill 2 enemies with one grenade.
Sniper Expert
Deliver 50 headshots.
The Protector of Pontoon
Kill all enemies attacking your pontoon from the riverside on 'Weaken The Regime' level.
No alarm
Finish the 'Under cover of night' mission without having the guards raise an alarm.
Stealthily enter the manor in 'Better late than never' mission.
You Have to Focus
Kill 15 enemy using concentration mode.
Shoot 5 cable lines using sniper rifles.
Complete Act III.
Finish the game on Normal difficulty.
Arms dealer
Finish the 'The last hunt' mission.
Close Range
Kill 250 people using pistol. (Multiplayer)
Fast and thorough
Kill all the enemy snipers in 'Appearances can be deceiving' in less than four minutes.
10 shots
Finish the 'The last hunt' mission having fired no more than 10 shots.
Flag hunter
Capture 50 flags from the enemy camp. (Multiplayer)
One Shot, Two Kills
Kill 2 enemies with one shot.
Kill 500 people using sniper rifle. (Multiplayer)
Sniper Master
Deliver 100 headshots.
The end of the drug baron
Kill the escaping drug baron in 'Better late than never' mission.
Through the Wall
Shoot an enemy through a wall.
Act IV
Complete Act IV.
Finish the game on Hard difficulty.
Laurel Wreath
Win 50 rounds playing online. (Multiplayer)
Collect all secrets.
Supplier of Death
Kill 2000 enemies. (Multiplayer)
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.

Rating 4

Completing the "Locate the lighthouse" objective with stealth

When you receive the objective to cross the area using stealth, it can be difficult since of the lighthouse alarm. Crawl in the grass besides the hill behind the cabin. Enemies will eventually appear in front of where you have to cross using stealth. Use the small silenced revolver to kill them. Do not kill them while standing or sitting. Kill them while lying down.

Rating 1

Hiding in rocks

When crouching, you can actually approach certain rocks and enter them. While inside, you invisible to enemies and can shoot them.