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Sonic Adventure Cheats "Chao expressions hint" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360


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Chao expressions hint

Little expressions will appear above the Chao's head when in the gardens. The following symbols/expressions mean the corresponding emotion:
-- ACROSS EYES Very happy chao.
EXCLAMATION Surprised chao, wait to see if it is good or bad.
FLINGING ARMS Temper tantrum. 
HALFED-CLOSED EYES Tired chao. feed it or play with it.
HEART It's happy with you and you're a good parent.
QUESTION MARK Your chao is indecisive, it doesn't know what it wants to do next.
SWIRL It's angry or upset with you. Feed it coconuts.
WAVING ARMS Your chao wants love. pick it up.
XX ACROSS THE EYES Very unhappy or angry. Feed coconuts.

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