Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing PS3 Cheats

Rating 3

Wheelie boost

Characters that drives a bike, such as Shadow, can do a wheelie if you press UP and DOWN while driving.  This will give you a speed boost.

Rating 2

Unlockable Courses

Unlock the following courses by spending the corresponding amounts of money:

Bingo Party (Sonic The Hedgehog) $11,000
Dark Arsenal (Sonic The Hedgehog) $5,500
Deadly Route (House Of The Dead) $10,000
Highway Zero (Jet Set Radio Future) $9,500
Lava Lair (Billy Hatcher) $11,500
Lost Palace (Sonic The Hedgehog) $7,500
Monkey Target (Super Monkey Ball) $12,000
Ocean Ruin (Sonic The Hedgehog) $10,500
Pinball Highway (Sonic The Hedgehog) $6,500
Rampart Road (Billy Hatcher) $5,000
Rocky-Coaster (Samba de Amigo) $9,000
Rokkaku Hill (Jet Set Radio Future) $8,500
Sandy Drifts (Super Monkey Ball) $8,000
Sewer Scrapes (House Of The Dead) $7,000
Thunder Deck (Sonic The Hedgehog) $12,500

Rating 1

Unlockable Music

Unlock the following music tracks by spending the corresponding amounts of money:

A New Day (Sonic The Hedgehog) $3,500
Aura of Dread (House Of The Dead) $3,000
Back 2 Back (Sonic The Hedgehog) $2,500
Be Cool, Be Wild and Be Groovy (Sonic The Hedgehog) $5,500
Billy’s Courage (Billy Hatcher) $5,500
Bingo Highway (Sonic The Hedgehog) $3,000
Bossa Nova of Briny Air (Billy Hatcher) $2,500
Bum Bum (Samba de Amigo) $3,000
Can You Feel the Sunshine? (Sonic The Hedgehog) $3,000
Carnaval (Samba de Amigo) $2,500
Crank the Heat Up (Sonic The Hedgehog) $3,500
EGGMAN Instrumental (Sonic The Hedgehog) $4,500
Fly Like a Butterfly (Jet Set Radio Future) $5,500
Funky Dealer (Jet Set Radio Future) $3,000
Into the Dark (House Of The Dead) $2,500
Jack in the Box (Billy Hatcher) $3,000
Mambo de Verano (Samba de Amigo) $5,500
Metal Scratchin’ (Sonic The Hedgehog) $2,500
Monkey Race (Super Monkey Ball) $4,500
Party Game 1 (Super Monkey Ball) $2,500
Party Game 2 (Super Monkey Ball) $3,000
Restoration of Terror (House Of The Dead) $4,500
Sneakman (Toronto Mix) (Jet Set Radio Future) $2,500
Super Sonic Racing (Sonic The Hedgehog) $3,500
Theme of the Magician (House Of The Dead) $3,500
Ultra Heaven (Super Monkey Ball) $3,500
Vamos A Carnaval (Samba de Amigo) $3,500
Volcanic Orchestra (Billy Hatcher) $3,500
What U Need (Sonic The Hedgehog) $3,000
Windy and Ripply (Sonic The Hedgehog) $4,500

Rating 1

Starting Boost

To get a boost at the start of a race, during the pre-race countdown, hold [Accelerate] just before "3" fades.

Rating 1


Trophy How To Unlock
True Blue
Earn your Blue Sega License.
Amber De Amigo
Earn your Amber Sega License.
Now There Are No Limits!
Win your first Grand Prix Cup.
Time Stalker
Set a Personal Best Time on any Time Trial course.
Shadow Dancing
Defeat a Staff Ghost on any Time Trial course.
Mega Driver
Score AAA on any mission.
Crazy Box
Pass every mission.
Play with a Friend online.
Racing Hero
Win any race online.
Lucky Dime
Purchase any item from the Shopping Menu.
High Roller
Purchase every item from the Shopping Menu.
Classic Collection
Win a race as each racer.
Power Drift
Perform a fifteen second Drift.
Perform twenty Turbo-Boosts within a single lap of any event.
Triple Trouble
Perform three Tricks in one jump and make the landing.
Gaining Ground
Get a Turbo-Boost Start to any event.
Wheels of Fire
Perform a Turbo-Boost Start across 3 consecutive events.
Rolling Start
Complete Sonic's Test Drive.
Road Rampage
Take out three opponents with one All-Star Move.
After Burner
Take out three opponents with one triple-weapon.
Up 'N' Down
Take out a racer by manually directing an item.
Streets of Rage
Ram an opponent off the course without using a Weapon or Power-Up.
Wonder Boy
Win a race by crossing the finish line in reverse.
Altered Beast
Win a race while using an All-Star Move.
Last Survivor
Finish the first lap in last position and go on to win the race.
Super Hang-On
Win the race holding first place on each lap.
Project Rub
Complete any Race event without collisions.
Enduro Racer
Play one hundred events including any race, mission or time trial in any mode.
Sonic Unleashed
Use Sonic's All-Star Move to take out Dr. Eggman and show him who's boss!
Feel the Magic
Use Amy's All-Star Move to send Sonic dizzy with love!
Working Man
Use Ryo's All-Star Move to take out Jacky and Akira and show them who's the ultimate martial artist!
Giant Egg
Use Billy's All-Star Move to squash the Crows!
Top Skater
Perform three tricks in one jump with Beat on Tokyo-to - Shibuya Downtown.
The Chariot
Use Zobio and Zobiko to send one hundred Curien Mansion Creatures back to the grave.
Cat Mania
Summon the giant KapuKapu and gobble up Big the Cat for mouse revenge!
Red Out
Earn your Red Sega License.
Virtual Bronze
Earn your Bronze Sega License.
Captain Silver
Earn your Silver Sega License.
Welcome to the Next Level!
Win every race within a Grand Prix Cup.
To be this good takes AGES!
Win every Grand Prix Cup.
Fighters Megamix
Take out an opponent with each character's All-Star Move.
Clock Work
Set a Personal Best Time on every Time Trial course.
Ghost Master
Defeat a Staff Ghost on every Time Trial course.
Magical Sound Shower
Race to every piece of music.
Top of the Class
Score AAA on every mission.
Lap a trailing player in a race online.
Death Adder
Take out opponents with items one hundred times online.
SEGA World
Complete a race on each course in Grand Prix, Single Race or Time Trial mode.
Golden Acts
Earn the Gold Sega License.
Ultimate Collection
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies. 

Rating 0

All same driver hint

An online connection and several cooperative people are required. In an Online Lobby, more than one person can play as the same driver (e.g. Sonic). First, the character must not already be selected. Second, everyone who wishes to play as the same driver must highlight that character in the driver Select screen. All Players must than press the Driver Select button at the same time (communication and timing are key!). If done correctly, all participating players will have the same driver selected.

Rating 0

Unlockable Characters

Unlock the following characters by spending the corresponding amounts of money:

Chuchu Pilots (Chuchu Rocket) $25,500
Jacky Bryant and Akira Yuki (Virtua Fighter) $18,500
Opa-Opa (Fantasy Zone) $32,500
Ulala (Space Channel 5) $12,500

Rating 0


To perform a taunt, press [Use Item] when not holding an item while driving.