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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats "Rancor and Moris Blood strategy" (PS3)

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Rancor and Moris Blood strategy

The Rancor that you fight before Moris Blood under the Sith Master difficulty setting can be pretty tough if you use the same strategies you used for other difficulties. On Sith Master, as unfair as it may sound, you are far weaker and the enemy much stronger and clever. The Rancor will employ his main move; charging and stopping. After that, do not double jump and dash away as it simply takes too much time. Instead, stand your ground and at the last possible moment dash to the side. Do not use Power Dash as it will drain your power and put you too far from him. You must have to experiment with your timing. Dash too soon and he might follow you. If you dash too late, you will get caught in his attack and probably lose a lot of health, just because of the subsequent attacks. As for attacks, either jump to his head and perform a full combo, attack four times, or you can perform a single downward hit. Either way you are doing some damage. Do not engage Moris Blood as you will do absolutely no damage to her and will only get caught up in it and get hit by the Rancor. As for the Moris Blood fight, do not get too far away from her. Just keep attacking her. A three or four hit combo with lightning strikes works best (hit, lightning/hit, lightning/hit or hit, hit, lightning/hit, lightning/hit). There is no need for any fancy moves in this part of the fight--simply stay close and keep the pressure on.

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