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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Cheats "The Emperor strategy" (PS3)

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The Emperor strategy

This is the final fight and is pretty tough under the Sith Master difficulty setting. First, keep blocking throughout the fight. Time your block with his lightning and create a counter. Once he gets some things to throw at you, jump up and use Force Repulse to get rid of them. Then, stand directly next to him and wait for his shield to come off. If he sends his guards at you, it is actually a good thing since are health for you. The only thing you must be cautious of is when you repeatedly hit him with your lightsaber. Sooner or later he will summon some debris to float above you, and the lightning that comes out will cause significant damage. Only do one or two full combos before jumping away. Continue deflecting his lightning back at him and you should be alright. You should make use of any and all tricks to defeat him. Throwing objects at him is not recommended unless you are very skilled, as he will probably hit you with his lightning before you can throw anything at him. Another great trick that takes some practice is to hit him with your own lightning and have a little spinning wheel come up. If timed correctly, you can get him every time in addition to the follow on attacks.

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