Strong Bad's Cool Game For Attractive People: Episode 5 - 8-Bit Is Enough PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Redcoat Ghost patrol

Do the following to repeatedly gain 100 points. After Trogdor get out of the machine go to the House of Strong. Help the four colonel ghosts to get the ghosts out of the hose. Go outside to the field and shoot the Redcoat Ghost with the light musket. You will gain 100 points and this can be repeated.

Rating 1

Cheat laughs

After Trogdor is out of the machine and the ghosts leave the House Of Strong, go to a redcoat ghost found somewhere in the field. Take out your light musket. If you miss it, The Cheat will come out of nowhere and laugh, similar to how the dog on Duck Hunt appeared.

Rating 0

Trogdor 3-Dungeon

To unlock the Trogdor 3-Dungeon, beat the game and then go to the Trogdor Machine.

Rating 0


Trophy How To Unlock
The Ruins of Burnination
Blur the lines of the 8-Bit world and Free Country, USA.
The Mainframe
Find your way into the Mainframe.
The Peasants; They Love me!
Get the Peasants to join your party.
I Have the Power!
Obtain the Trogsword.
Collectible Achievement Monger
Find all 12 collectibles.
Cosplay Master
Find all costume pieces.
The Ghosts of Our Forefathers
Free all four colonial ghosts.
...Has Joined Your Party!
Acquire all members for your party.
Burninating the Peasants
Burninate all of the Peasants.
They Loose Value if Opened
Collect all classic Videlectrix game boxes.
Collect All Our Playsets and Toys!
Collect all Cheat Commando Traction figures.
I'm A Good Graphicketeer!
Collect all Videlectrix Good Graphicketeers Cards.
Achieve the highest possible Awesomeness level.
Dragon-Man Slayer!
Defeat Trogdor.