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Tales Of Graces F Cheats "New Game+ Mode Unlockables" (PS3)


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New Game+ Mode Unlockables

Complete the game to unlock New Game+ mode. In this mode you keep your character level, earn double SP, and gain access to the Grade Shop. Purchase the following Grade Shop items by paying the corresponding prices:
1/2 Experience 10 Grade
2x Critical 30 Grade
2x Damage 30 Grade
2x Experience 90 Grade
2x Gald 70 Grade
2x Item Drops 120 Grade
2x SP 200 Grade
3x SP 1000 Grade
5x Damage 150 Grade
5x Experience 400 Grade
Chain Capacity +1 30 Grade
Chain Capacity +2 250 Grade
Dualize Discount 100 Grade
Expand Inventory 100 Grade
Inherit Arte Usage 50 Grade
Inherit Battle Items 60 Grade
Inherit Books 10 Grade
Inherit Carta Cards 200 Grade
Inherit Eleth Mixer 70 Grade
Inherit Gald 270 Grade
Inherit Herb Bonuses 70 Grade
Inherit Shards 90 Grade
Inherit Skills 2500 Grade
Inherit Stamps 30 Grade
Inherit Titles 30 Grade
Mastery Bonus 20 Grade
Maximum Eleth +500 100 Grade
Maximum HP +1000 150 Grade
Maximum Speed 50 Grade
Skip Childhood 10 Grade
Trade EXP for Gald 50 Grade
Unlock Qualities 50 Grade
Upgrade Eleth Mixer 50 Grade

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