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Tales Of Monkey Island Cheats ""Chapter 2: The Siege Of Spinner Cay" trophies" (PS3)


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"Chapter 2: The Siege Of Spinner Cay" trophies

Trophy How To Unlock
Meals Fit for a King... Queen... Whatever

Gave the MerLeader every kind of bait.
She's Cute When She's Angry

Get Morgan angry by repeatedly checking out the mast.
Fishing for Literalists

Caught a Red Herring.
Talk to the Hook

Threatened a number of adversaries with a Hook.
Nice Try

Heard the Secret of Donkey Island.
Give Her a Hand

Kicked LeFlay off the Screaming Narwhal.
Artifacts of LIfe

Get all of the Summoning Artifacts.
Mighty Merperson Rescuer

Save the MerLeader from McGillicutty.
Model of E-FISH-Ency

Read every fish joke.
Ride 'Em, Pirate

Made LeChuck do something embarassing on the cliff.
The BIG Finish

Sailed to the alleged resting place of La Esponja Grande.

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