Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Mokujin's wood sound

Highlight Mokujin at the character selection screen, then select him while and hold DOWN. Release DOWN when the "Fight" screen appears. Each time your opponent lands a successful hit on Mokujin, you will hear a wooden sound.

Rating 1

Jinpachi's alternate forms

Unlock the following forms of Jinpachi by beating Arcade mode and pressing the corresponding buttons when selecting him:

Dark Resurrection Fiery Demon form Square
Human form Triangle
Original Tekken 5 Demon form O + X

Rating 1

Yoshimitsu's alternate forms

Unlock the following alternate forms of Yoshimitsu by pressing the corresponding buttons while selecting him:

Dark Ninja form SQUARE
Normal form X + O
Purple Skinned Ninja form TRIANGLE

Rating 1

All stages in vs. mode

To unlock all stages in vs. mode, Beat arcade mode 3 times.

Rating 1

Unlock Panda

To unlock Panda, press Circle at the selection screen.

Rating 0

Fast Cash Arcade exploit

Before starting, set the difficulty to ultra-hard and rounds to 1. When the round begins, pause and change the difficulty to easy. You will still get paid as if it was set to ultra-hard. Note: You get paid from the settings at the start of the match, so change the difficulty back to ultra-hard before the last bit of health is gone on the cpu to make suer the next match is 5,000.