Tiger Woods PGA Tour 07 PS3 Cheats

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Easy stats

To easily gain stats, after you complete a mid-week challenge, do not return to the calendar. Instead, choose "Restart Event" to play the challenge again. Do this as many times as you desire to accumulate stat points which can be spent at the pro shop.

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Bigfoot easter egg

At the 17th green at Sahalee, look for Bigfoot hiding behind a tree.

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EA black Series clubs

To unlock the EA Black Series clubs, get 100% game completion.

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Cheat Codes

Activate the following cheats by entering the corresponding codes at "Options" > "Passwords":

Adidas sponsorship THREE STRIPES
All Players in Team Play GAMEFACE
Bridgestone sponsorship SHOJIRO
Cobra sponsorship SNAKEKING
Course Memberships ELDRICK
Crowd has Big Heads TENGALLONHAT
Grafalloye sponsorship JUST SHAFTS
Level 3 EA Sports sponsorship INTHEGAME
Macgergor sponsorship MACTEC
Mizuno sponsorship RIHACHINRZO
Nike sponsorship JUSTDOIT
Oakley sponsorship JANNARD
PGA Tour sponsorship LIGHTNING
Ping sponsorship SOLHEIM
Precept sponsorship GUYS ARE GOOD
Taylormade sponsorship MR ADAMS

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Easy money & stats

In Season mode, complete the first challenges to earn money and stats. To earn even more money and stats, go to the next season and complete those challenges.