Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12: The Masters PS3 Cheats

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Cheat Codes

Under "Options" at the main menu, select "Passwords". Then, activate the following functions by entering the corresponding codes: Note: Learn additional passwords by remaining idle without hitting the ball until your caddy talks to you and mentions a password.

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Rating 2

Easy experience glitch

This glitch only works for the Road to the Masters mode and works for all of the tournaments, but is the most effective when used on the four star tournaments and the major championships. Before starting the round, set the difficulty at Tournament and play only the first hole. When the second hole loads up, save and exit from the tournament and go back to your options screen. Then, change the difficulty from Tournament to Amateur and proceed to resume the tournament by hitting the X button to resume and play holes 2 through 17 on Amateur. On hole 18, Save and Exit again, return to the Options screen, and switch the difficulty back to Tournament. Then, resume the tournament by hitting the X button and play hole 18. By doing this you will receive the XP payout for playing the tournament on Tournament difficulty even though you played 16 holes of the tournament on Amateur. Average XP payout is 25000-35000 XP and, as an added bonus, the very first time you do this glitch you get a difficult to obtain No Focus pin and the "Tournament Pro" trophy.

Rating 1

Extra XP hint

Have a saved game file from Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2011 to receive 50,000 experience points.

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Trophy How To Unlock
Hold my bag as I post my clip
Post an EA SPORTS GamerNet Challenge.
1 Is The Loneliest Number
Be the #1 Ranked Golfer for 10 consecutive weeks.
2005 Masters Champion
Win the 2005 Historic Masters Event (Tiger at the Masters).
Ad Wizard
Play in a Major with Callaway Golf Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.
Choke Artist
Land within 1 yard of the flagstick on a choked approach shot from at least 50 yards out.
Egg on the Dance Floor
Sink a 30ft putt without boosting the green read.
Give me the Goodies!
Win a Sponsored Challenge Event in Road to the Masters mode.
History is Yours
Compete in a Historic Masters Event (Tiger at the Masters).
Sponsorship is Calling
Play in a Major with Cleveland Golf Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.
On the Radar
Break the top 50 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.
Winner! And Still...
Defend your title in any Major.
Who's your Caddie?!
Complete the Prologue.
Tiger Quickness
Use the new Speed Play option in game.
Tournament Pro
Complete an 18 hole round under par with Tournament Difficulty turned ON.
Online Participation
Play a Live Tournament.
Presidents Cup Champion
Win The Presidents Cup.
GamerNet Tourist
Earn 2,500 Player Points in EA SPORTS GamerNet.
Drop and give me 15
Earn 15 pins.
Course Master
Master 1 course.
Great Suggestion
Sink a Hole in One usng a Caddie Recommendation.
Aspiring Amateur
Complete the EA SPORTS AM TOUR.
We've Only Just Begun
Compete in a Nationwide Tour event.
Earned my Card!
Complete Q-School.
Ping Pitchman
Play in a Major with PING Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.
Training Wheels
Win a training event in Road to the Masters mode.
I Got This
From the Fairway, land within 1 yard of the flagstick from 100 yards out using a Custom shot.
Land the ball on the Fairway after your tee shot. FIR = Fairway in Regulation.
Land the ball on the Green with at least 2 fewer strokes than par. GIR = Green in Regulation.
Accept and follow thru on 25 Caddie Suggestions in an 18 hole round of golf.
Flowering Crab Apple in 1!
Hole in one on Hole 4 of Augusta (only one hole in one has ever been recorded on this hole).
Masters Master
Master Augusta National, Augusta Par 3 (Gold Course Mastery).
New Record Holder!
Beat the course record of 63 at the Masters (In Road to the Masters).
Bling my Tag
Apply 3 pins to your Bag Tag.
Short But Sweet
Beat the course record of 20 at Augusta Par 3.
A New Generation
Break the top 10 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.
Commercial Icon
Play in a Major with Nike Level 4 Sponsorship equipped.
First Time EVER!!
Win both the Par 3 and the Masters on the same week. (In Road to the Masters).
On top of the World
Become #1 in the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings.
Road to the Masters
Win the Green Jacket in Road to the Masters mode.
Shark Attack!
Equip a HAMMERhead Prototype Club.
Pin Collector
Earn All pins.
Born with Skillz
Master 8 courses.
HAMMERhead Swag
Equip a HAMMERhead Prototype Outfit.
Masters Legend
Win the Green Jacket for a Record 7 times in Road to the Masters mode.
Caddie with a Master's Degree
Master 16 courses.
Broken Record
Hold down the #1 spot on the EA SPORTS Golf Rankings for more than 281 weeks.
Pro Gamer
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.