Time Crisis 4 PS3 Cheats

Rating 3


Unlock the following cheats by performing the corresponding tasks:

Crisis Missions Beat arcade mode.
Crisis Zone Shield Complete the complete missions. The shield is activated by rotating the guncon 3 controller 90 degrees.
Freeplay Mode(infinite continues) Beat arcade mode.
Infinite Credits Beat arcade mode.
Infinite Handgun Ammo Beat arcade mode.
Infinite Special Weapons Ammo Beat arcade mode twice.
Music Player Beat the crisis missions.

Rating 2

Rock Band bass pedal reload

If you own Rock Band, use the bass drum pedal to reload the gun or to duck while shooting.

Rating 1

Crisis Zone Shield

Complete the Complete missions to unlock the Crisis Zone Shield. To activate the shield, rotate the Guncon 3 controller 90 degrees in either direction. Return the Guncon 3 to an upright position to put away the shield.

Rating 1

Alternate title screens

Unlock the following alternate title screens by performing the corresponding tasks:

Title Screen Featuring Captain Rush Complete the complete missions.
Title Screen Featuring Elizabeth Conway with a gun Complete the crisis missions.
Title Screen Featuring Giorgio and Evan Complete arcade mode.

Rating 0

Extra continues

Each time you fail in arcade mode, your continues will increase by one, up to as many as nine continues.