Tiny Token Empires PS3 Cheats

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Trophy How To Unlock
Master of the Known World
Conquer 50 territories.
Fill a hero's inventory.
First Step
Complete the four Roman campaigns.
Peloponnesian Guardian
Complete the four Greek campaigns.
Great Mobhad
Complete the four Persian campaigns.
Son of Osiris
Complete the four Egyptian campaigns.
Defender of Carthage
Complete the four Carthaginian campaigns.
Martinet of Mars
Complete one open mission in Brutally Brutal mode.
Hallali from Hell
Defeat 1000 enemies.
Son of Theseus
Kill the Minotaur ten times.
Architect of Legend
Build 150 cities in Campaign mode.
Magic Mason
Build 300 buildings in Campaign mode.
The People's Hero
Build 20 cities with fortifications.
Heavy Obsessive
Create 100 heavy artillery units.