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ToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron Cheats "High Funk Passwords" (PS3)


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High Funk Passwords

Play the following levels with the indicated Funk by entering the corresponding passwords:
Level 03 with 37 Funk RWJ21EW1R80X
Level 05 with 80 Funk VJW6EK21-J07
Level 07 with 95 Funk P0W09KAN-VQ
Level 09 with 99 Funk VDJF7M2DyT6L
Level 11 with 99 Funk VYJF73TH1PQQ
Level 13 with 89 Funk DKYQHX4!EV!7
Level 15 with 49 Funk J11L3R4C13H7

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