Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas PS3 Cheats

Rating 2

Super Ragdoll mode

To activate Super Ragdoll mode, pausethe game. Then, while holding L2 press X, X, O, O, square, square,triangle, triangle, X, O, square, triangle. Enemies will go flying whenhit with a bullet.

Rating 2

Unlock weapons in single player

To unlock the SPAS 12, Deagle or MG36 in Single-player and Co-op Story mode, play a mission in multiplayer co-op mode and kill a terrorist armed with one of them and pick it up. Complete the mission with the guns to unlock themat the Equipment menu.

Rating 2

Secret lab

Beforemaking Jung hack the computer, send your team to the far side of theroom near the fenced area. When the enemies pour in after you tell Jungto hack it, your team will take most of them out. Be careful withMichael when he gets left behind, there are enemies waiting on thestairs above.

Rating 2

Big Head mode

To activate Big Head mode, pause the game. Then, while holding L2 press O, square, X, triangle, L3, triangle, X, square, O, R3.

Rating 2

GI John Doe mode

To activate GI John Doe mode, when hosting a game press start. Then,while holding L2 press L3(2x), X, R3(2x), O, L3(2x), square, R3(2x),triangle. This will make the Rainbow's bullets turn neon blue and theTerrorist's bullets turn neon red.

Rating 2

One-Shot kills

To activate one-shot kills, pause the game. Then, while holding L2 press L3, R3, L3, R3, X, O, L3, R3, L3, R3 square, triangle.

Rating 1

Laser Bullets mode

To activate Laser Bullets mode, when hosting an online game press start. Then, while holding L2 press L3,L3, X, R3, R3, circle, L3, L3, square, R3, R3, triangle.

Rating 1

Shoot grenades

Equipa single shot weapon and fire a shot. Hold L2+R2 then press circle. Agrenade should fire about 25 feet. This works with all grenades exceptfor breaching charges and C4.

Rating 1

Splinter Cell Chaos Theory easter egg

There is a machine labeled Tom Clancy's: Splinter Cell Chaos Theory  in the "Dante's Casino" level, near the arcade.

Rating 1

3rd Person View mode

To activate 3rd Person View mode, pause the game. Then, while holding L2 press square, O, square, O, L3, L3, triangle, X, triangle, X, R3, R3.

Rating 1

Developer Tips

  • OPA
Observe: Locate nearby enemies by taking cover, or by using your snake
cam to peek under doors.

Plan: Use the Tactical Map to help you identify all entry points. Use
the snake cam to prioritize targets for your team to neutralize first.

Assault: Order your team in. You can more efficiently assault a room by
entering simultaneously through an alternate point of entry.

  • Frag & Clear
Order your team to throw a high-explosive fragmentation grenade when
dealing with tight groups of enemies. The flying shrapnel produced by
this grenade is usually enough to neutralize enemies within a large
area. After it explodes, your team will move in to eliminate any
surviving terrorists.

  • Breach & Clear
Use a Breaching Charge when dealing with terrorists standing close to a
door. It will stun everyone inside the room so you and your team can
safely clear the room.

  • Flash & Clear:
The Flashbang Grenade produces a blinding flash and a defeaning blast.
It temporarily confuses and disorients potential threats, making this a
non-lethal tool that's especially effective for hostage scenarios.

  • Smoke Grenades
A Smoke Grenade can cover your movement when Terrorists have you pinned
down. Use your Thermal Vision to see the enemies' heat signature
through the smoke and neutralize them.

Rating 1

Smoke grenades tip

To improve your vision after throwing a smoke grenade, equip the thermal goggles.

Rating 1

Fremont Street easter egg

InFremont Street, look for a bottle of Axe cologne sitting on a ledge.Shoot the bottle to make the neon roof of the Fremont Street Experiencedisplay an animation of a girl in a bikini with some Axe items.

Rating 0

Ranks bonuses

Achieve the following ranks to unlock the corresponding items:

  • Private First Class
3,000 Experience Points Headgears 1BalaclavaTactical Helmet
  • Specialist
8,400 Experience Points Rainbow WeaponsMP7A1FamasUSP40
  • Corporal
14,500 Experience Points Camo 1DesertUrbanRussianGuerillaFallDesert2
  • Sergeant
23,500 Experience Points Equipment Unlocked: Tactical ArmorRaven Recon ArmorVulture Combat ArmorFalcon Assault Armor
  • Staff Sergeant
38,500 Experience Points Headgear 2Three Hole BalaclavaBaseball CapBreathing mask
  • Sergeant First Class
56,500 Experience Points Camo 2FlecktarnOrangeSwedishWar2k5AlpenWhite
  • Master Sergeant
82,500 Experience Points Freedom Fighter WeaponsAK47Raging BullSV-98
  • First Sergeant
109,500 Experience Points Headgear 3Boonie HatBeretTinted Goggles
  • Sergeant Major
139,000 Experience Points Black Market ArmorTyphoon Recon ArmorCyclone Combat ArmorHurricane Assault Armor
  • Second Lieutenant
172,000 Experience Points Camo 3PinkBlueWoodlandWaspSandCrimson
  • First Lieutenant
214,000 Experience Points: Headgears 4Half face maskReinforced HelmetTactical Goggles
  • Captain
264,000 Experience Points: Mercenary WeaponsMG36SPAS 12Desert Eagle
  • Major
333,000 Experience Points: Military ArmorViper Recon ArmorDiamondback Assault ArmorAnaconda Assault Armor
  • Lt. Colonel
415,000 Experience Points: Camo 4Yellow UrbanRed UrbanTigerRustUrban2Grey
  • Colonel
535,000 Experience Points: Headgear 5Ballistic Face MaskRiot HelmetNight Vision Goggles
  • Elite
675,000 Experience Points: Camo 5Custom 1Custom 2Custom 3