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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas Cheats "Ranks bonuses" (PS3)

Game also available for:   XBOX 360  |  PC


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Ranks bonuses

Achieve the following ranks to unlock the corresponding items:
  • Private First Class
3,000 Experience Points Headgears 1BalaclavaTactical Helmet
  • Specialist
8,400 Experience Points Rainbow WeaponsMP7A1FamasUSP40
  • Corporal
14,500 Experience Points Camo 1DesertUrbanRussianGuerillaFallDesert2
  • Sergeant
23,500 Experience Points Equipment Unlocked: Tactical ArmorRaven Recon ArmorVulture Combat ArmorFalcon Assault Armor
  • Staff Sergeant
38,500 Experience Points Headgear 2Three Hole BalaclavaBaseball CapBreathing mask
  • Sergeant First Class
56,500 Experience Points Camo 2FlecktarnOrangeSwedishWar2k5AlpenWhite
  • Master Sergeant
82,500 Experience Points Freedom Fighter WeaponsAK47Raging BullSV-98
  • First Sergeant
109,500 Experience Points Headgear 3Boonie HatBeretTinted Goggles
  • Sergeant Major
139,000 Experience Points Black Market ArmorTyphoon Recon ArmorCyclone Combat ArmorHurricane Assault Armor
  • Second Lieutenant
172,000 Experience Points Camo 3PinkBlueWoodlandWaspSandCrimson
  • First Lieutenant
214,000 Experience Points: Headgears 4Half face maskReinforced HelmetTactical Goggles
  • Captain
264,000 Experience Points: Mercenary WeaponsMG36SPAS 12Desert Eagle
  • Major
333,000 Experience Points: Military ArmorViper Recon ArmorDiamondback Assault ArmorAnaconda Assault Armor
  • Lt. Colonel
415,000 Experience Points: Camo 4Yellow UrbanRed UrbanTigerRustUrban2Grey
  • Colonel
535,000 Experience Points: Headgear 5Ballistic Face MaskRiot HelmetNight Vision Goggles
  • Elite
675,000 Experience Points: Camo 5Custom 1Custom 2Custom 3

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