Tomb Raider: Legend PS3 Cheats

Rating 4

Pistol upgrades

Unlock the following Pistol upgrades by collecting the corresponding percentages of Bronze and Silver rewards:

Increased accuracy 50% Bronze and Silver rewards
Increased damage 75% Bronze and Silver rewards
Increased magazine capacity 25% Bronze and Silver rewards

Rating 4

Amanda in Beast form strategy

The final boss is Amanda in Beast form. When facing her, do not go near to the edge, near Amanda while she is fighting, or go into the center of the platform. The easiest way to die is to jump off the edge. When you get Amanda's health down about halfway, the beast will fall to the ground and an image of Amanda will appear on the beast's body. Quickly get in close as possible, then face Amanda and press . This brings the beast's damage threshold down. If you do not do it fast enough, the beast will rise and heal to full. You must down the beast four times to win. The beast will start by using a random attack every couple seconds. Every time you down the beast, the chance is increased that it will perform another random attack right after the first. This means that when you have downed Amanda three times, she is likely to attack four times very quickly. The following is a list of her attacks:

  • Spreading attack
She will stick her arms into the ground. After a slight delay, slow, red projectiles will fan out. This is easily avoided by jumping over them. Note: This attack is when the beast is most susceptible to damage.

  • Upwards blast
The beast's fastest attack. It will pound the ground with its arms and a burst of energy will appear beneath Lara. This is the best reason to keep moving.

  • Melee attack
A simple swipe. Stay away from the beast and it will not use this attack.

  • Homing attack
The most common attack. The beast fires a pink homing smoke-like projectile that explodes on contact. This has area of effect. The more accurate the blast, the more damage Lara will take and the farther she will fly.

  • Shockwave
The most devastating attack. It doesn't do significant damage but can fling Lara halfway across the platform. Avoid it at all costs. It acts like the homing attack, but looks bluish. There is a distinct difference in appearance between the two projectiles.

Rating 4

Unknown Entity strategy in the Tesla room

The objective is not to destroy the Entity. The main gaol is to remove the sword fragment for the machine directly above the Tesla turret. Ignore the Beast the entire time. First, pull the four levers around the room. They are on the outer wall and easily accessible. Then, hop into the Tesla turret. If you get knocked out of the turret, hop back in, healing as needed. Here you must use the turret's "repel" function to launch the four lowered Tesla balls into the beams of energy. Do not use the "attract" function as this will just slow you down. After completing the entire circuit, wait for the electricity to die down, then do it again. When you complete the circuit the second time, get out of the turret, switch to first person view and use the grapple on the sword fragment and pull it out.

Rating 3

Object models

Collect all the silver rewards from a level to unlock all object models from that particular location.

Rating 2

Acrobatic Lara hint

While performing a forward roll, when you see Lara put both hands on the ground, press B. Instead of rolling to her feet, Lara will perform a handspring. Also, if you press B again just before her feet touch the ground, Lara will backflip. This is what happens; hold Forward and press B (Lara will roll). Press B again (handspring). Press B again (backflip). Press B again (another backflip). Press B one more time and Lara will finish with a "Roundoff", meaning she will do a 360 spin in midair while bringing her legs over the top and land facing forward. Note: The timing must be precise.

Rating 2

Dead end in "England"

Toward the end where the serpent Boss is located, when you first enter the level, do not interact with the falling cages. You can actually stop them from working. If you do not have any previous saves to restart from, the game cannot be completed.

Rating 2

Invisible burning coat glitch in "Kazakhstan"

In the Kazakhstan mission, complete the second part where you are on the bike chasing after the train. There will be an intermission sequence where Lara will take off her burning winter coat and toss it away. To see the glitch, complete the game and get a multiple amount of clothes. Choose any of the clothes except for the winter clothes for the Kazakhstan mission. At the intermission sequence after the bike ride, Lara will take off an invisible burning coat.

Rating 1

Location Concepts

Unlock location concepts in the following levels by collecting all Bronze rewards in that level:

  • Bolivia
  • England
  • Ghana
  • Japan
  • Kazakhstan
  • Nepal
  • Peru
  • Special

Rating 1

Silver statue in "Bolivia"

To obtain the Silver statue in Bolivia, turn left on the first rope and enter the cave.

Rating 1

Legacy Of Kain easter egg

In Croft Manor, on the right-hand side of the main stairs is a portrait of Kain, as it appears in Legacy Of Kain: Defiance. Eidos, producer of Tomb Raider, also produces the Legacy of Kain series.

Rating 1

Gold statue in "Ghana"

To obtain the Gold statue in Ghana, at the end of the level, do not enter the door when you are standing on the button to open it. Go under the door to find the Gold statue.

Rating 1

Gold statue in "Japan"

To obtain the Gold statue in Japan, in the room that has a dragon hanging in it, throw the large red box to the floor. The box will break and the Gold statue will appear. You will also receive an alternate costume for acquiring this statue.

Rating 1

Lara in bikini

To unlock the white and black swimsuits for Lara you must complete the game, find all the rewards (including the ones in Croft Manor) then complete the game again under the time trial difficulty. Complete Bolivia Redux in time trial mode. This will allow the use of the "One Shot Kill" cheat which will help significantly. Note: This will also unlock everything else in the game, including the pistol upgrades, another thirty costumes, and the "Wield Excalibur and "Wield Soul Reaver sword" cheats.

Rating 1

Play soccer in "Peru"

At the start of the level, look to your right to see a soccer ball. You can shoot the ball around with Y. Hit it past the dummy in between the fences for a goal.

Rating 0

Unlockable Character Profiles

Unlock the following character profiles by collecting the corresponding percentages of Bronze rewards:

Alister Fletcher 90% Bronze
Amanda Evert 70% Bronze
Anaya Imanu 30% Bronze
James W. Rutland 50% Bronze
Lara Croft 10% Bronze
Shogo Takamoto 40% Bronze
Toru Nishiruma 40% Bronze
Unknown Entity 100% Bronze
Winston Smith 80% Bronze
Zip 20% Bronze

Rating 0

Gold statue in "Bolivia"

To obtain the Gold statue in Bolivia, after you use the stone seesaw to boost the iron cages up to the platform, open the gate. Then, move one of the cages on the side off of its plate to lower the door. Quickly move the cage back and then climb over to the exit. Scale the side of the doorway to get on top of the door. The gold reward is located on top of the door.

Rating 0

Gold statue in "Croft Manor"

You must complete the Bolivia level before you can get the gold artifact. Otherwise, the rest of the manor will be closed off. Once you enter the manor, get the grapple located in the computer room in a safe behind Zip. To unlock the safe, use a laptop on the floor. After obtaining the grapple, get the pistols in Lara's bedroom. To get the pistols, there are two knives that both need to be pulled. Then, head to the library. To your right is a wall that can be broken by shooting it. Shoot it, then move the bookcase in the wall to one of the pressure switches on either side of Allister's desk and use the grapple to get down the other bookcase, which is above the pressure switch on the right. Put that bookcase on the other switch and a wall will open up. Grab the PLS on Allister's desk. Pull the switch in the dark hallway to make a large stone tablet with a clue come out of the wall. The clue reads "Above the Waters, Twin Sisters turn their backs one upon the other to leave the Ambages unguarded". Go to the end of the hallway and pull the second switch. Another wall will open up and lead you back into the bedroom. With the first clue in hand, go to the pool. On the right side of the pool there are two fish statues that can be pulled out. Pull them, then jump onto the shortest one. Jump on to the pole, swing to the ledge, jump to the other statue, onto the second pole, then onto the balcony. Rotate the two Greek statues so they face away from each other. Once they are in position, another clue will appear: "Within the Hall of Knowledge, Tomes of Cerulean, Topaz, Viridian and Crimson in turn reveal their Arcanum". Go back to the library. Push in the blue book to the right of the door. Then, go to the small room upstairs. Push in the yellow book, then the green book outside the room. Go back downstairs and push in the red book. After you do this, a wall will open that reveals the third clue: "Above the Hearth, revealed visage and countenance touched in haste raise up the Steward". Go back to the front lobby. To the right of the door leading to the library is a switch that just came out of the wall. Before you use it, use the grapple to pull out the poles leading to the other switch. After that, push the switch, swing to the other side, and use the other. The fourth and final clue then comes out of the wall: "The risen Athena turns to face the Sun, whose burden then reveals the Golden Laurel". A statue has arisen in the middle of the front lobby downstairs. Turn it to make it face the window above the stairs then stand on the pressure switch. The statue then goes back into the ground and a stone pillar with the Golden Artifact appears from the ground in its place.

Rating 0

Project Carbonek Boss level in "Kazakhstan"

After the creature is released, run around the dome while turning the switches on by pressing Y. After pressing all the switches, four balls with come down from the ceiling. Get onto the magnetic gun in the middle of the room and make the balls come to you by using the magnetic gun. This might take some time because the monster will keep knocking you of the gun. When you have all the balls pointing towards you, a chamber will open above your head and the sword fragment will appear. Get off the gun, point up towards the sword fragment, and grapple it. When you have it, an intermission sequence will begin and the level will end.

Rating 0

Unlockable Costumes

Unlock the following alternate costumes by performing the corresponding tasks:

Amanda (ritual) Complete the Ghana Time Trial.
Amanda (winter) Complete the Kazhkastan Time Trial.
Biker Complete England - King Arthur's Tomb.
Biker (no jacket) Collect all Silver and Gold rewards in England.
Biker (red jacket) Collect all Silver rewards in England.
Bikini (black) Complete the game, all Time Trials, and collect all Bronze, Silver, and Gold rewards in all levels, including Croft Manor.
Bikini (white) Complete the game and all Time Trials.
Catsuit Collect all Gold rewards in Japan.
Classic Collect all Gold rewards in Peru.
Classic (gray) Collect all Gold rewards in Ghana.
Evening Dress (red) Collect all Silver rewards in Japan.
Evening Dress (ripped) Complete Japan - Meeting With Takamoto.
Goth Complete the England Time Trial.
Goth (lace shirt) Complete the Japan Time Trial.
Legend (Union Jack) Collect all Silver rewards in Bolivia.
Legend (black) Collect all Silver rewards in Croft Manor.
Legend (blue) Collect all Silver rewards in Peru.
Legend (pink) Collect all Silver rewards in Ghana.
Snowsuit Collect all Gold rewards in Nepal.
Special Forces Collect all Gold rewards in Kazakhstan.
Special Forces (urban) Collect all Gold rewards in England.
Sport Collect all Gold rewards in Bolivia.
Sport (green) Complete the Bolivia Time Trial.
Suit (cream) Collect all Silver and Gold rewards in Croft Manor.
Winter Complete Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek.
Winter (no coat) Complete Kazakhstan - Project Carbonek.
Winter (no coat, orange) Collect all Silver rewards in Kazakhstan.
Winter (no coat, pink) Complete the Peru Time Trial.
Winter (orange) Collect all Silver rewards in Nepal.
Winter (pink) Complete the Nepal Time Trial.

Rating 0

Unlockable Cinematics

Unlock the following cinematics by completing the corresponding levels:

Allies Under Fire Kazakhstan
Amanda Falls Behind Peru
Amanda Rises Bolivia Redux
Amanda Survived Peru
Amanda's Pet Kazakhstan
Answers Breed Questions Bolivia Redux
Any Bike Will Do Peru
Artifact Revealed Japan
Artifacts Recovered Peru
Bedrivere's Legacy England
Bolivia Redux Bolivia Redux
Chapter Closed Nepal
Command Center Kazakhstan
Dearest Amelia Ghana
Death By Irony Bolivia
Demon of the Past Peru
Destination Cornwall - England
Digging Up the Past Peru
Excalibur Reforged Nepal
Falling in Love Again Bolivia
Fashionably Late in Tokyo Japan
First Contact Bolivia
Going Back In Peru
Grand Entrance Ghana
Hasty Departure Ghana
Heading for the Roof Japan
Headset Hijack Kazakhstan
Home Again Nepal
Hunting Rutland in Ghana Ghana
James Rutland Talks Bolivia
Meet Tiwanaku Bolivia
Meeting with Takamoto Japan
Myth Becomes Fact England
Nepal, Part 1 Bolivia
Nepal, Part 2 Bolivia
Nishimura's Warning Japan
PDA Check Bolivia
Prize Obtained Kazakhstan
Recovery and Exit Japan
Rendezvous with Anaya Peru
Return to Nepal Nepal
Returning Home Peru
Reunion with Amanda Kazakhstan
Runaway Train! Kazakhstan
Second Contact Bolivia
Shields and Maps Kazakhstan
Takamoto Found Japan
Team Reunited England
The Final Piece England
The Ghalali Key Ghana
The Key Obtained Nepal
The Postcard Business Ghana
The Queen's Story Peru
The Queen's Sword Peru
The Stone Dais Bolivia
Trouble in Kazakhstan Kazakhstan
Two Shards Ghana
Unwelcome in Paraiso Peru
Viracocha's Staff Peru
Wrecking Crew Peru

Rating 0


Trophy How To Unlock
Most Rewarding
Collect a reward.
Style Points
Kill an enemy with an Aerial Attack.
Out With A Bang
Kill an enemy by detonating a fuel tank.
Bronze In Pocket
Collect 5 common bronze rewards.
The Professional
Complete the Bolivian temple without dying.
Kick the soccer ball against the door of the church in Peru.
Kill (With) Your Television
Kill an enemy with a TV monitor.
Shoot out the 4 flood lights in the water wheel room in level 4.
Go for the Gold
Collect 1 gold reward.
A Bigger Bang
Kill 2 enemies by detonating a fuel tank.
Superior Firepower
Complete Level 3 without using the dual pistols.
Biggest Bang for the Buck
Blow up 2 mercenaries with 1 propane tank while riding the motorcycle.
Just Dandy in the Andes
Complete the level 'Bolivia – Tiwanaku'.
Box Cutter
Destroy 10 boxes while on the motorcycle in Peru.
Bronze Age Warriror
Collect 35 common bronze rewards.
Queen of the Bronze Age
Collect 60 common bronze rewards.
Back in the Day
Complete the level 'Peru – Return to Paraíso'.
Thank you, Tokyo. Goodnight!
Complete the level 'Tokyo – Meeting with Takamoto'.
This Is Ghana Be Good
Complete the level 'Ghana – Pursuing James Rutland'.
The Cold War Kid
Complete the level 'Kazakhstan – Project Carbonek'.
Great Briton
Complete the level 'England – King Arthur's Tomb?'.
It's Nepal Good
Complete the level 'Nepal – The Ghalali Key'.
Survival of the Fittest
Survive against Rutland for more than 5 minutes.
History Buff
Listen to the tale of King Arthur.
Double Style Points
Kill 2 enemies during the same Aerial Attack.
5 Golden Things
Collect 5 rare gold rewards.
30 Pieces of Silver
Collect 30 precious silver rewards.
Copper and Tin for the Win
Collect all bronze rewards.
You Wear It Well
Unlock all the outfits.
Good Time in Level 1
Complete the first level while in Time Trial mode.
Good Time in Level 2
Complete the second level while in Time Trial mode.
Good Time in Level 3
Complete the third level while in Time Trial mode.
Good Time in Level 4
Complete the fourth level while in Time Trial mode.
Good Time in Level 5
Complete the fifth level while in Time Trial mode.
Good Time in Level 6
Complete the sixth level while in Time Trial mode.
Good Time in Level 7
Complete the seventh level while in Time Trial mode.
You Got the Silver
Collect all silver rewards.
A Job Well Done
Complete the game on Explorer or Adventurer difficulty.
The Hard Way
Complete the game on Tomb Raider difficulty.
Gold Hoarder
Collect all gold rewards.
Have a Good Time All the Time
Complete all levels while in Time Trial mode .
Master of Tomb Raider: Legend
Earn all Bronze, Silver, and Gold trophies.